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Gun Cleaning

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Ok my question is primarily on the barrel, Im not sure what Im doing wrong but when I clean it,
First I use the wire bursh attachment.
Second solvent dipped cleaning patch.
Third dry cleaning patch.
and I repeat but my patch will never ever come out completly 100% clean... unless I cheat and use like 4 drys in a row, but then if a put the brush and solvent patch its dirty again, I went through a whole bag of patches once, so I have to be doing somthing wrong and yes I clean once I get back from shooting and no its not just the solvent making it look dirty... I've searched the whole net and all any thing says is "run patches with solvent then dry and repeat untill it comes out white." Ive been cleaning like this for years and never get a barrel 100% thiers always somthing in the riflings...
So any advise would be great...
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This isn't an answer. Just how I do it. I do end up with Hit of residue on patches at the end.

Solvent in the barrel or on the brush. then stroke it, 10 times. Then put the brush away.
Wipe down the cleaning rod or it will add residue back into the barrel.
Run a dry patch, or two, through to pick up the stuff you just brushed off.

Then run 1 solvent patch and 2 or 3 dry patches. Repeat until happy.

My main point is that the rob picks up dirt and deposits dirt. So clean the rod frequently. Or do this :banghead:
I just ran a patch over my rod and thats not the problem...
My rule of thumb is the run patches through until they look mostly clean, then call it a day. Just get the worst out.

After all, you're just going to shoot it again in a couple of days anyway.
Actually Im piss broke so Im just shooting my 10/22, and its cold so I dont stay out long... Those things get dirty, not so bad with my new ammo though remmington is crap... federal is great thanks for the pointers ;D
Here is what works best for me:

1. Solvent on brush - like wristlock said - about 10 times
2. Patch/solvent/patch - clean rod - repeat as needed
3. Bore snake it a couple times

The bore snake seems to finish it off for me - getting that last bit of residue out, and finally...

4. I use Militec as the final bore swab

So far, I get great results.

I'm sure others have different cures, but this is what works for me.

Good luck!
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thancks for the ideas, Ill put them into practice ;D
This is my usual routine:

1: Dry brush first to get the worst of the mess out, followed by some spray solvent.
2: Boresnake twice
3: Alternate patch on a jag with wet solvent and two drys, until I'm happy.
4: Patch with 90% alcohol to kill any remaining solvent in the rifling. If this comes out dirty I repeat step 3.
5: Patch with oil.


Doing this so far means that my cold bore shot has the same zero as subsequent shots.
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