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Guns you've OWNED

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I do not recommend listing the guns you currently own for obvious reasons, or I had recently lost in a tragic boating accident, but I'm interested to see what you DID own, or had before. Exclude military and LE weapons that you couldn't take home everyday.

From 8 y/o to 17 y/o:

Remington .22 single shot. (Belonged to my uncle since the early 40's I had it since I was 8 and he has it now. I've probably shot 10,000 rounds thru this thing. Many birds, squirrels, lizzards, rabbits, toy soldiers and trucks, bottles, a toilet, and other's have met their fate with my old remington. Even took it to my HS school shop to refinish stock and re-blued)
Springfield 1903 (my 'plinker' and 1st hunting rifle at 14. Took one deer)
Marlin 30-30 (2 deer)
Ithica 12 ga side by side (1 pheasant and 1 duck)

From 18 y/o until AWB ‘94/Army years, WA state:

Colt AR15 AR MT 20" bbl but with a A1 upper later changed to an A2
Polythech AK 47 legend (got it when I got back from Germany. 1st AK for $400 buck!)
Norinco AK (56?)
2 Ruger 10/22's in that gattling gun set up
Beretta 92F
Ruger Mini-30 (mags suck)
Spanish Mauser in .308
Springfield M1A
Stainless Ruger 10/22
S&W 1076(?) 10mm (issued SO and a total POS)

Since AWB ‘94 and in while in CA later AZ post Army years:

Beretta 96D (issued. Around 13K down the pipe from 98 to 07. Bad;big,heavy,long trigger pull/good;accurate,reliable)
Arsenal SLR-95
Colt AR A2 MT 20" post ban
Glock 27 (too much muzzle flip-not big hand friendly)
Colt AR A2 MT 20" post ban
Ruger Mini-14 (eh)
Ruger 10/77 Target
Ruger 10/45
Colt AR A2 20" MT HB pre ban
Century L1A1 (had problems w/bolt locking up-gave it to best friend. he got it working and took a few deer with it)
Colt AR A1 16" MT preban later changed to A2 upper
Ruger 10/22
Springfield M1A Scout (QC went downhill a bit since my first M1A)
Steyr Scout
Glock 22
Sig P220
Yugo SKS
Marlin 336
Remington 870 Express Magnum
Walther P22 (my last CA bought gun. Practically filled out same amount of paperwork to buy a car! fuk CALI)

Since AWB end '04, all AZ:

HK SL8 (was going to do a G36 conversion. Lower got a small crack by BHO)
Khar P40 (another 'too small' HG. Great to carry though)
Imbel parts built FAL
Beretta CX4 Storm .40
Arsenal SLR106F (worse AK. Sent to Arsenal and still had FTF's. Conclusion, AK's aren't designed for 223)
Cohaire CA89K-40 (crap built but fun. Too picky on ammo. 155 gr was hot so it worked)
Molot/Krebs KTR03V (best AK shooter EVARRRR! Weighs about as much as a M1A though)

I only currently own a CAI WASR-10 AK (don't knock it. For $290 it's been a true work horse/beater that has lasted over 4K rounds w/o a problem). I'm giving it to my CA born and raised Bro-in-law now living on the wrong side of WA deep in hippie landia. I can't believe my sister, also originally WA but CA for over 20 yrs, said, "I can't see why anyone SHOULD have an AK". I tore into her like you wouldn't believe. She said she didn't expect to hear this from a fed Agent. My reply was I may be a fed, but I'm not ignorant to how laws are passed, enforced, and how the public are constantly manipulated my the worthless media just as they are on other areas. I also explained to her what difference does an Ak have over a more PC "looking" rifle such as the Mini-30 and the Ak has nearly identical ballistic of a 30-30 lever action rifle, something else considered too much firepower in it's day for the people to have. So my WASR is being given under strict conditions to her husband. The conditions are he cannot ever sell it and only give it away to his nephews or neices. Heck, my sis even has a handgun, but she DID buy in the media/public skewed ideas. Now they'll own an AK!

My sum of previously owned:

5 Colt AR's
7 AK's
2 M1A's
3 Bolt rifles to incl. surplus
2 Lever in 30-30
2 12 ga. SG's
6 22 rifles
9 Handguns, mostly in foh-tay
2 Mini's 1-223 & 1-7.62x39
2 Sub style guns also foh-tay

43 Total! Shit until now I didn't realize how many I've previously owned

And I don't have any other guns after my last boat fire incident. Just my issued H und K P2000 lem.
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Some of the stuff I've sold over the years:

RA VEPR K 7.62x39. Probably more "seller's remorse" on this one than anything else I've ever sold.
A couple of Taurus PT 92's
A Sig SP 2022
S&W 1076 (I would like another one of these one day)
A couple of Bushmasters
870 Express

Thats all that is coming to mind right now.

I rarely regret a sale much, if at all. Normally when I sell I feel like I have a good reason to do so at the time.
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You guys are well armed!

I feel underprivileged....

former guns:

Ithaca pump 12 gauge
ruger single six
ruger Mark I target
charter arms survival .22 (POS, BTW)
German P09 luger -- beautifully made, fascinating design, rotten trigger pull, very unreliable
LARC 19, bb machinegun, fed by cans of freon (damn that was fun)
Anschutz model 64 target rifle with custom stock (huge investment at 13)
Winchester 1892 25-20
Navy Arms .36 brass frame Colt 1851 Navy sixgun (HUGE fun)
Model 29 S&W

those are the ones that come to mind....

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I end not selling my guns for the most part, I have a rifle in my safe that I have not even fire it yet since I purchased it nearly two years ago, I have a second one like that I take out on occasions.

Previously owned

AR-15A2 Heavy barrel
M-1 Carbine
AMT Auto Mag III 30 carbine
AMT Hardballer
S&W Model 57 4" and 6" 41 Mag
LLama 380
Colt Govt 380
Raven 22 (was for my girlfriend at the time)
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Weatherby in .460 Weatherby Magnum

Remington Model 700's:

.270 ADL
.308 PSS
.30-06 ADL

Colt 6920 SBR'ed w/ 14.5 bbl
Colt 6721 SBR'ed w/ 10.5" bbl



HK USP .40 Full-size
HK USP .45 Compact
HK USP Tactical

Sig Sauer P228
Sig Sauer P226 Elite

Springfield M1A
M1 Carbine manu'fd by GM

Norinco Mak-90
Russian SKS, Tula Arsenal Rebuild, 1956

Colt M1991A1 Compact (Ported)

Olympic/SGW AR (parts guns)

Remington 870 Police

Walther P99 German (O.D. / Black)
Walther P-38

K-98 Mauser

Mosin Nagant M44

M1 Garand
M1D Garand (A real D model Sniper, not a build up, God, why did I sell this?)

Colt M203 registered DD, that I sold and transferred because I'm a moron.
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I've really only been buying guns for ~3 years, but I think I'm a firearms packrat... I love my guns too much to sell em :D

I have sold one pistol though, a firestorm 22. It was a fun plinker but awful trigger and not v accurate so I traded it towards a ruger 22/45.
What guns? I don't have any guns? Any guns I may have purchased were sold off long ago or stolen.
What guns? I don't have any guns? Any guns I may have purchased were sold off long ago or stolen.
That's why it was asked "OWNED", as in past tense-not owned anymore. Like I said, I lost my current guns in a tragic boat fire accident off the coast.
I carried a M16A2, M16A3, a SAW, and a 1911 at one time or another when I was in the Army.

Owned and wished I had kept:

Still Owned and not scared to admit it :)
- Bushmasters M4
- Bushmaster M4 16" Hbar
- Noveske M4
- Armalite AR10
- SA M1A
- Sig P220
- Tech 9
- Sig P229
- SA XD45
- SA TRP Operator 1911
- AK-47 WASR-10
- AK-47 Arsenal Milled
- SA M1 Garand
- SA M1903
- Remington 870
- Norinco Type37
- Ruger 10/22 Tapco'd out
- Ruger 10/22 Walmart special

I too only started 3 years ago.
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Guns I wish I still had:
Ruger Super Blackhawk flat-top 3 screw model I had in '69
Walther PPK
S&W Kit Gun
Ruger Redhawk
S&W Mountain Gun
Browning Medalist in walnut case
Sig P229 with NP3

Guns I'm glad are gone:
S&W 422
Sig Mosquito
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I carried a M16A2, M16A3, a SAW, and a 1911 at one time or another when I was in the Army.
I was going to leave them out of the list, but if I had to include all guns that I've qualified with, and actually I've probably have more hands on time with and rounds downrange, to include even sharing a sleeping bag (get your minds out of the gutter) it would include:

M16A1-Made by GM Hydramatic Div. and I think one was a Colt

M16A2-All Colts except one made by FN in the 90's

M4A1-Colt. Got the first issued ones in 1993 and we rushed to qual with it before going to Somalia.

M24SWS-We just got these but I got out before we had a chance to take the Sniper training that ramped up back up in 1993. We conducted a 2 week quickie course meant as a train-up/familiarization but by no means Sniper Training. It was marksmanship only.

M21-Same as above and this is the one I took to Somalia along with the very fist issued M4's, and it had a cracked rear scope mount that I found out to be cracked on the plane ride over there and I knew I was having a hard time on my last day on the range the week before getting deployed! Great! 2 rifles that I had the least trigger time with and deployed within 3 weeks of getting both! I only took it out once and w/o a scope and un-zeroed iron sights that we were told not to worry about b/c we won't use them!

M203-Grenade Launcher

M60-AKA "The Pig"

M249 SAW - I remember having to run qual ranges for other non-infantry units that never sent enough shooters. Lots of extra ammo to burn! I have a total dumbass on my part ND story with this one during GW-Desert Shield part. First off, it was pointed in the right direction - Iraq. And I was a Squad Leader and not a dedicated SAW gunner. However I am extremely familiar with the SAW having been a SAW gunner before and I was bored. I just cleaned it and had the bolt locked to the rear (fires open bolt). Well we leave it with the ammo belt in the feed tray, bolt foward since you can just cock it back from there and fire away. Unlike the M60 where you can't. So in goes the belt, closed the cover, grabbed the handle, pulled the trigger, and RODE the bolt foward until - BRRAPPP!! Oops! NO ONE HEARD IT! Except for me and my SAW gunner that we shared a "fox hole" as in fighting position. And I wasn't asking either. It was loud!

M2HB .50 cal MG-Ma Deuce=fun. Until you have to dismount :( These old bitches will run on 30W oil as lube. And operating springs will darn near go through 2 sheets of drywall if you take that back plate/trigger off with the bolt to the rear. And no it wasn't me that did that.

M1911A1-Old beater! Probably the oldest gun I carried in the field. Only qualed 2 times with it and had the old leather chest rig for M113 driver's only.

M9-Beretta 9mm

M242 Bushmaster 25mm chaingun- Bradley gun. And I thought dismounting a 50 cal was a PITA until we had to do these for maintenance purposes only! These things are a huge PITA!

M240C -coax MG on a Bradley

Besides those, tossed a few grenades, shot 5 M72 LAW's, 2 AT4's, one M47 Dragon that broke it's wire, and my gunner got to fire one TOW when we qualed on the Bradley systems.

HK G33, G3, HK21, a genuine L1A1, L85A1/SA80, FAMAS, AUG during a 3 day long NATO Infantry Day in Belgium 1986. They shot ours and we shot theirs. They had other weapons we got to check out but those are the only ones we got to familiarize with. Also Schuetzen thingy that I didn't get.

Remington 870 - still qualing with every quarter.

HK MP5 - 1 half ass qual and a MANY familiarizations. There is a story involving a fellow officer/SWAT member, an MP5, a dying cat, a city dump, and a call of SMG fire at 3 am.

HK UMP - still qual every quarter.

Oh, and I forgot, a Glock 17

I can't believe I forgot about shooting a Mk19mod3, auto grenade laucher. 2200 meters HE fun!!!! I only got to live fire it once, 80 rounds. That was when I was with 9th Inf Div when they were motorized infantry, i.e. rat patrol.

In 1987 I witnessed a mishap. When splitting up the ammo someone dropped a belt of 40mm grenades and the corner of the ammo box hit a primer. The ammo area/box was surrounded with about 6 soldiers. They all turned and began to run as the belt fell then a really loud bang. One guy got a piece of casing in his leg and the warhead travelled about 10 meters hiting a guy square in the chest and carrying a couple of belts of 40mm. We all wore kevlar vests and helmets of course. The round hit him and dropped on the ground. Grenade warheads has to travel 31 meters, spinning, before arming. No telling how many times that thing spun and I dont remember how many spins in 31 meters, but at that point it doesn't matter. The guy that got hit with the warhead said it felt like a solid punch in the chest, but remember it was a free flying round.
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I carried a M16A2, M16A3, a SAW, and a 1911 at one time or another when I was in the Army.
I was going to leave them out of the list, but if I had to include all guns that I've qualified with, and actually I've probably have more hands on time with and rounds downrange, to include even sharing a sleeping bag (get your minds out of the gutter) it would include......
very nice list! it outshines mine by 20 miles. I too also shot a ma-deauce (never qualified with it though), M60 (no qual), M203 (qual marksmen), M72 Law (no qual), AT4 (no qual).
Yeah, but the flip side to get to shoot all those cool toys is that you have to hump them, clean them, and running ranges as an 11B isn't much fun then, and running quals as a BP is only a tad better. But since I either had to hump it, or run ranges, might as well get to shoot them. Fair trade, right?

BTW sometime we ran a range and didn't get to shoot, like when we did it at West Point. 2 months of hot humid NY State and no shooting sucked!
winchester .22 single shot (my first gun... have no idea WTF happend to it)
marlin 26 .22 semi (still have it)
savage #24 .22/.410 over under (still have it)
Winchester 120 (still have it)
Chinese SKS (at my dads for SHTF)
S&W Sigma .40 (Bought it on my 21st Bday and sold it 2 months later, POS!!!)
Browning White Lighting (sold)
Browning BuckMark (sold)
Yugo SKS (at my dads for SHTF)
S&W 9mm (at my dads for SFTF)
Colt HBAR (sold)
Benelli Sport (sold)
Beretta Cougar 8045 (sold)
Beretta 96 Inox (sold)
S&W .357 not sure model# (sold)
Springfiled SAR8 (sold)
Sig Sauer P220 (Still my carry piece)
Ruger Red Label 28 gauge (still have)
Walther P22 (Sold that POS)
Reminton 700 LTR (sold) FUCK!! I miss you little lady :'(
Bushmaster xm15 (still have but modified)
Browning 525 Sporting with MLG Custom Stock (Won Wyoming State Championship)
Bushmaster 20 inch A3 (still have)
Robinson XCR (Still have)
Browning BPS .410 (still have)
Benelli M1 Super 90 (still have)
Savage MKII target .22 (still have)
Winchester #64 .22 (still have)
1956 Steyr Mannlicher .308 (my pride and joy)
Beretta Cougar 8045 (had to get another)
Beretta Cougar 8000 Inox (can't believe I found this)

Wow, never listed all my guns before... I think that's all of them ??? Ohh... if you are a gun grabber reading this.. Molon Labe
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Since age 18

a Stevens 22LR semi-automatic rifle
a Plainfield M1 Carbine
a Hi-Point 4995 Carbine
a Remington 870 Wingmaster
a Ruger 10/22
a Smith & Wesson 40VE Allied Forces Pistol
OK, here goes...

2 XD-45's (one sold)
1 XD 40 Sub Compact
1 Kel-Tec P-32
1 Kel-Tec P3AT
1 Kel-Tec P-11
1 Kel-Tec PF-9
1 Kel-Tec Sub 2000 .40
1 Kel-Tec SU-16C
1 Kel-Tec PLR-16
1 Hi-Point C-9 (sold)
1 Hi-Point JHP-45
1 Hi-Point 995 w/ATI stock
1 Hi-Point 4095
1 Taurus PT145
1 Taurus PT1911
1 RIA 1911
1 Beretta Tomcat (sold)
1 Beretta 9000S (sold)
1 Beretta CX4 Storm .40
1 Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm
1 Bushmaster M17S
1 MPA Mac-10
1 Bond Arms Texas Defender Derringer .45 LC/.410
1 Mossberg 500A
1 Iver Johnson .410
1 Romanian AK-47
1 Yugo M70AB underfolder AK-47
1 CZ-52
1 CZ-75 PO1
1 Saiga 12
1 Saiga .308
1 Yugo SKS
1 Stoeger Cougar .40
1 Calico Liberty 100 9mm
1 FM Hi-Power (sold)
1 FN FiveSeven (sold)
1 HK P2000 LEM .40 (sold)
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Want to see a short list.. ;D

Mini 14
Beretta 92D
Bushmaster Xm-15
Savage 300 WSM
Vepr K .223... :(
Beretta Storm Cx4 9mm
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