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Hand helded N/V

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Looking for some night vision gear. Does any body have a hand helded n/v piece that they would recommend?
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I don't know what they are like, but this NV Unit caught my eye, and they even have a video to boot! They say they are better than Gen3 NV units and only cost about $1190.00 for the hanndheld unit. Have a look at:


Let me know what you think please.
Aussie, You had me excided for awhile, it looked to good to be true. So I started a search & found these reviews. http://www.ubergizmo.com/15/archives/2007/04military_cowers_in_supervision_goggles.html I got unexcided as fast as I got excided.
I'm sorry if it didn't lead to anything. I didn't have time to look for reviews myself as I wasn't that interested. Mind you, if they had worked as claimed they would have been on my Christmas list. I couldn't open your link, probably because you were not on line. I will check that link out myself.

Sorry for the bad info.
Thanks Lex,

I found it in a search. Disappointing to say the least. Impact Guns are selling these things, and they don't normally sell junk? They sell the PVS-14 Gen III units for $3500.00 I guess if you spend half that on a fishing weight, anther $1500 or so isn't that bad. That's if you really need NV.
I guess that depends on what you're going for. It sounded from the review that as long as you have a decent IR light the thing works fine (except for the b/w vs. green monitor).
I even found an article in the Defense Review. They didn't do testing on it but they raved about it's claims.

The Loss of normal NV after exposure to the white light is a problem I can see. When you take the thing off your eye you would be seeing a big square spot for quite some time? I have used the good Gen III units and they work great, except if someone flashes you with a light source then you can see a thing (blooming) Yer blooming marvelous! :D
Aussie, The add is painted real good & the price is 50% of GenIII. Sometimes if it's to good to be true, then it is. Thats why I like to get input from other people. As a consumer like everyone who reads this post,we may keep from buying this product until we get more imformation about it. If anybody has had experance with the SuperVision N/V let us know your what you think of it.
I have used Gen III NVG and they didn't seem as bad as they show on the SuperVision Ad. A buddy of mine got a cheap "NVG" for Christmas last year and they sucked! In blackout situations you had to be standing within 2 foot of the person for the IR light to show that person was even there and even then it only showed up a very small spot. I agree, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!
Let us know what product your buddy has so we don't go there. Thanks
I'm not too sure if he still has them. I think he was so upset with them he may have even used them for target practice. I will try to find out but I think they would have been something like a Gen. Negative-3 and may have been from Wal-Mart or some place like that?
I don't think your going to get good stuff at Wal-Mart.
Got new flyer from Midway. They have they have the Xenonics Super Vision in it, looked it up on there site & there is no reviews on it.
I have a 1st generation model called ATN Viper.
The price is only a few hundred dollars and it comes with a head mounting setup.

http://www.thenightvisionstore.com/....cfm?source=googleaw&kwid=atn viper&tid=exact

It is pretty decent for what you pay, but has a few notable problems:

The IR lamp is always on when the device is on, and causes pretty atrocious blooming if you get too close to something.
I have been turning it on and off by unscrewing the bulb. The other major issues are with the narrow field of vision, which makes it very difficult to navigate in a forest, and the fact that you need to constantly fiddle with the focus lens as the distance to what you are looking at changes.

That being said, it is way better than nothing.
Re: Hand held N/V

I might have to go to, the better than nothing routh. Seems like your real busy when your using the Viper.
I think supervision has a good thing going, but it needs a second generation and a 1x mag to really be weapon ready. unitl then try a ANPVS-2 from What a country or an pvs 5 goggle setup in gen II. you'd be suprised how effective these are until you can afford the uns pvs14 wonder vision or some thermal gear.
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