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Hello, new to the forum...looking to hear what XCR owners have to say...

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...about the XCR. I'm interested in purchasing one of these in either 7.62x39 or .308. I would be more than happy with the 16 inch barrel, and am curious as to the performance of these? Are they pulling MOA shots? I this rifle good for 300 yards?

I know the .308 isn't out yet, but it should have similar ballistics to the 7.62, but this actually brings up a question. From what I have seen (correct me if I am wrong) this weapon uses an AR style magazine. I have heard that 7.62 rounds don't cycle properly when used in AR magazines because of the lack of curve that is found on the AK-47 magazine. Comments?

Do you trust this firearm with your life? I plan on this being my "preservation of liberty" firearm not just a big boy toy for plinking or at the range.

As for the setup, is their a preferred stock among XCR owners?

Hey, here's a chance to show off your babies...who wants to show me their setups and tell me their perceived pros and cons.

And one final question, when it really comes down to it, is the XCR really that much better than an AR?


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The 7.62 will have a magazine that will work well with it. Right now we are looking at sending out a 10 round mag until we come up with a better solution. Popular opinion is that they want the 7.62 NOW, a bigger magazine can come later.

Preferred pre-purchase stock is the tube stock that we make. We sell much more of those than the VLTOR... reason being is that you have to roll your face over the cheek plate in order to sight. Post-purchase accessorizing usually involves Magpul. The CTR is nice, and seems to be popular around here. The guys know more about that than I do... I just build things :p We are currently working on a stock that will leave everything else behind, and from what I saw earlier today, it will be well worth the wait. (I like to throw that bit in, just to torture Roy :D )
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Currently the only calibers available are 223, 6.5 and 6.8. So other than the factory test weapon no one has any real experience with the 7.62 caliber just yet. According to the factory the 7.62 shoot as good as the other.

While I have not determined that my rifle is a MOA rifle my personnel feeling is that it is close to MOA if not a true MOA rifle, my rifle is in 223 by the way. If you are looking to shoot strictly 300 yard shots then I would recommend the 6.5 caliber as this will have the necessary energy to get the job done at that range consistently.

You are correct in that the XCR uses STANAG magazine, the same as the AR. According to C-Porducts the manufacture of the magazine for the 7.62 they have the Hi Cap mag worked out, as to how they deal with the curve we will see later this month when they show them at the Shot Show. Being that I have not heard of any problem with C Products mag in 6.5 and 6.8 which I would think would have the same issue with regard to the curve, I would tend to give them the benefit of the doubt until otherwise proven.

My personnel opinion is that I would trust my life with the XCR, I feel that the design is an improvement over the AR, the ergonomic are much better for me.

With regard to the stock setup to me this is a personnel thing and everyone is going to like different stocks due to using the rifle in different ways. Being that the XCR can use any stock that the AR can use and the purpose built one due from Robarms,  you should be able to find a stock that matches your needs. I use the factory folder with a aftermarket checkrest with iron sight currently, though I am considering optics in the near future due to my fading eyesite.

After having used my XCR I have to say that I do like it much better than my AR and when they make it in 308 it will probably replace my FAL. To me the placement of the charging handle on the AR is just to high and the iron sight are high as well. The XCR puts them in the right place. The bolt release is more convenient than either my FAL or AR.

The only option that I would like to see that I have not seen is the option of some type of full stock, they do offer a fixed tube stock but I think a standard full stock should be offered. 
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Don't make me come over there :mad: I know where you live!

Ty is around, but won't be for longer than an hour, so if you haven't spoken to him about pricing you'd better call soon!

:blah: :blah: yourself. :p

If you go to the Gallery section of this forum you will find photos galore of XCR's and more.

I my opinion, the XCR has taken the best of both the AR and AK and put them into one package that really works.

Would I trust my life to it. Well, with only 400 rounds through mine before Terra kidnapped my barrel, and won't give it back, I would say:

"In a heart Beat"

Other members in this forum use this every day in their SWAT duties, and yes they trust their lives to it. Can it shoot MOA, it's good enough if you are good enough!

Welcome to the forum, there is a lot of information about the XCR in this community. Enjoy!
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I would echo what others have said, I feel that it is indeed capable of MOA, though I am not sure if a lot of the 7.62x39 ammo available is up to the task. I have it in both 5.56 and 6.8, it is an outstanding rifle. One thing people seem to say when they pick it up is that it feels heavy. Most that say it feels heavy have never hefted a full railed AR and therefore don't know what heavy is.

I think that is one of the most well thoughtout rifles out there, the deisgn is great. Like others have said it takes the best of the AR and the AK. Just one look at the bolt will show you what I am talking about. Ever tried to cycle the action on an AR while keeping the weapon in your shoulder and fixed on the badguy? I have and it is nearly impossible. I wish I would have had an XCR the first time in Iraq when I did lots of convoying, with the folding stock I would have been in Heaven.

You will hear some people say that they know someone that knows someone that has an XCR and everytime they go to the range it breaks, some bolt falls out or some other issue comes up. To that I say take care of your weapon. I can think of only one failure to eject I have had in 5K+ rounds and a quick hit on the bench fixed that in no time.

YES, I would trust my life to it, in any environment.
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Just like the other posts say, from what I can tell the XCR is a great weapon. I've got around 3500 rounds through mine, I haven't cleaned it yet and no probs. After the new gas block it feeds everything through it ( I have a shorty). Wolf, and brass, hp, or tap... it feeds and ejects. It's smooth and positive. I have one of the early models and I have not had one problem with it. I did tighten somethings up when info was available about it. I've seen a 14.5 inch barrel shoot Fiocchi 55gr right at moa, 100 yds. with a 5x optic.

I'm not an officer or military, I just take the protection of my family, self, and property very seriously. I've dumped everything I couldn't trust and I trust this gun more than any other I own.

Hi cap 7.62 mags will be available by march from C products. You may want to wait and see how they perform. I've ordered the 7.62, kit and I have some 6.5 mags from C products and they work great in my AR.
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I use my daily for patrol and swat when needed. I had the choice of a department issued micro galil or an AR with 11.5, 14.5 or 16 inch barrel. The XCR was easily my choice with the micro galil a distant second.
While a huge fan of the base AR15 rifle... the XCR has added some key enhancements... and is the basis of a superior platform. While also a huge fan of the SIG 55x and 556 series of rifle... again, the XCR has added key enhancements that make it the basis of a superior platform.

Some key differentiators of the XCR platform:
Monolithic rail
Multi-caliber capability
Operating system
Layout of controls

I'd like to add one other thing not mentioned so far in this post.

I took my XCR 5.56 out a few days ago and myself, my son and my uncle all fired it off the bench using sandbags and sans the sandbags using a Harris bipod.

One thing all of us noted was the absolute lack of recoil. Now mind you this was shooting 55-gr. PMC FMJ on gas setting #4 as is suggested for the break in.

My son was so impressed that he commented several times that it has no recoil.

I know when I shoot my DPMS LR-308's from the bench using a Harris bipod, you definitely get a bit of jump when the round goes off. The bipod moves a bit. But, with the XCR in 5.56, nothing.

What does this mean, very fast follow-up shots.

I suspect the 7.62x39 will be about the same, that is, no recoil.

So ... consider that as well. And also consider the easy adjustable gas system (5 positions if you include the S setting).
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Slag I'd love to see some pics with the HK sights.

As for lack of recoil, shoot an XCR back to back and you'll be amazed at the difference, even if both are configured the same with the same weight.
Looks good. I was seriously looking at those and the Hayes HK style sets, but I already had a flip up rear so I couldn't justify the price.
Hey Slag were did you get those HK sights?
Hey Slag were did you get those HK sights?

Here --> http://www.sturmgewehr.com/webBBS/parts.cgi

They show up now and again... but they are getting scarce.
Wow, I was not expecting so many responses! Thanks a ton!
can't say anything that hasn't already been said, I <3 my xcr ;D
My only 2 concerns, if they go out of business will you still have a working XCR – most parts are proprietary – correct? Next, still some “bugs” that need to be worked out or improvements as “upgrades” from those responses from current owners that have extensively fired them over the years. There seems to be this generation of something versus that generation of something…
There are some improvements that they have made over the original rifle. Anything you buy now new should be the most up to date. I would not worry so much about them going out of buisness but yes, some parts are proprietary.
I think most "bugs" were worked out of the system before they started selling. The few problems early rifles had were just that, few. Those issues have since been fixed. There will always be new improvements,that is the great part. My rifle worked just fine with the old gas system and has way more rounds through the old system than it does through the new. Not sure it was a necessary improvment but it does make adjusting easier. I wouldn't be concerned about upgrades. You can take a rifle made during the first run (like mine) and it will run without issues. I ordered a parts kit recently so that should keep it running for a long time to come.
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