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HELP choosing an optic for my XCR

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I am getting ready to by an XCR in 5.56 with a light 16" barrel and a M16 three slot Muzzle Brake and a Folding / Collapsing M4 Stock without any flip up iron sights what I was wondering is what type of optic would you all recommend the rifle is going to be used as a Range Weapon a Home Defense Weapon and Possibly a hunting weapon when I buy a caliber conversion kit I may also use it as I patrol weapon when I go into Law Enforcement I would like to be able to get a high quality optic that I can use for range shooting and CQB if I need to I want a optic that has at least 2x power but no more than 6x power something that i could use in high an low light situations and I hope to spend no more than $600 on it I know that it is a lot of specifications and I hope that you all can help out
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There are several good posts on this site. If you have a local range it is best to beg for a chance to shoot fellow shooters scoped rifles. What is good, no GREAT, for me may not hack it for you. Over the years I have bought, unseen and untried, optics that were a waiste of money. Would you buy a car without the drive ??? Most of us has DIFFERENT tastes in Autos. Optics are the same. Find what you want, then shop for a good price. You may spend more, you may spend less, but you will be happy. :2cents:
leupold MR/T 1.5-5x24 with SPR and illuminated reticle. use good quality quick detach rings and BUIS.
Millett DMS-1, it's cheap, reliable and will do everything you need. I have one and rate it as being as good as my Horus Talon. you can use it at 1x with both eyes open or zoom to 4x for more precision shooting.
Millet? I thought those were supposed to be kinda cheapy? has something changed at that company? If so I would like to know what and all that jazz. I've been sticking to the burris, leupold, nightforce plan myself, with nikon being an up and comer. If millet is making good scopes I wanna know!! 8)
I don't have any personal experience with the Millett, but it gets good reviews here:
I looked at both the AR15 and Midway USA for reviews on the Millet. It is given a strong four star **** rating, and I like the recticle. Midway has a good price at just under $200. I like the idea of having a 1 - 4 power choice.... I DON'T have that with my Eotech. I hope one of my friends buy one, so I can try it out before purchase. :clap: :fencing:
I've got a DMS-1 and a TRS-1 and like them both. for the money they are great scopes. DMs for an AR and the TRS on a Tikka .308.

I've also got a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 on a .338 Lapua, an IOR 2-12x32 on a .308 FAL and a Horus vision Talon on an FS2000. I've also used S&B in the military, friends over here have let me use Burris, Nikon and Leupold and hands down Millett are good value and their customer service is great. They do have some cheapish scopes that aren't so good but so far the DMs and TRS have been great. No, they aren't as good as Nightforce, but Nightforce isn't eight times better, though it is eight times the price.

I'm considering buying their new LRS,.....enuff said!
Wow!! I had no idea!! what would you compare it to?
I'm headed to the gunshow...... as soon as my slow assed misses gets ready. :mad: I hope to get a look at the millets while their. If I do consider buying one it will probably be from midwayUSA though. :2cents:
It's hard to compare them to other scopes as they have a much lower price than Leupold, but quality which is almost as good. Customer service that's much better and so on.

I think they are close to IOR on quality and would definately buy another. I've recommended them to friends who are very pleased with their results.

I used the TRS to shoot a 1/4 inch group of .308 at 100 yards. I can shoot in low light without issue. The only flaws with the TRS are that there is a little washout with the reticle on max illumination and there is no counter indicator on the turrets. The LRS fixes this, though it's never been a problem for me.
Went to the gun show and it was great..... NO damn Millet scopes though. Bought powder and primers so the "Millet Money" is spent. :banghead: :headscratch:
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