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These carbines are truly great. My preferred carbine.

At this point, I've had failures to fire only when a dayglow orange dummy round was fed in (to practice malf drills), when I spanked the mag once, and for the first time this last weekend when I failed to seat a mag fully. Oh, and once I got a great primer strike, but the primer was dead (factory ammo!) so it went click instead of bang.

In other words, it fires when it should. Every time. I've taken it out to Gunsite for a CQB course there, and have scheduled to take it to a carbine course again this year. No worries.

I dumped 400 rounds through mine about as fast as I could get back on the trigger - well less than 5 minutes. No lube, no cleaning for over 2000 rounds. Lots-o-lots of usage. I kind of wiped the dirt out of the action (not really cleaned it) once during the CQB course, no problems.

Like you, I don't prefer the folding stock - but I'd recommend you look at other stocks besides the M4 type.

If I can help, let me know. IMO, spare parts are a touch over rated. If I need spare parts, something is wrong to begin with - and I didn't keep spares for my Kalashnikovs either.
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