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Hey TC. Thanks!!
Still somewhat on the car, in my time away did upgrade the fuel system and 'cleaned up' some other stuff on the interior and engine. Now have to change out the old suspension................ long story.
Kid's out of med school and in residency now.
Added a couple 2nd A items and started a build of a Aero Prec AR-10 in 6.5CM.
Need more ammo, but at these prices, whooo boy!!
Looking at a new CCW for the wife, more training too. The Kalashnikov K12T, M3 and/or M4 and the Tikka T3 Tac A1.
Awesome....dear god that's a lot of work behind and a whole lotta work ahead, congrats to the Kid.

You're going to have to do a write up here on that 6.5 AR-10,.....and hot damn do I hear ya on 6.5 ammo....I've actually considered getting out of the caliber for that reason.....just using a .308 and committing to make up the difference in proficiency. FGMM still to be had at a dollar a round every now and then......I'm really starting to appreciate the roll a large frame, accurate s/a fills. Especially out where I'm at....keep us posted.

Does your better half have any experience with RDS pistols yet?
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