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How about putting a face to the profile?

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Hey everyone,

How about we post a simple photo of ourselves so we can put a face to the name?

If you want I will go first :eek: Here I am: Roy, A.K.A. 'Aussie Arms'

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Badman400 at the DNR range with the CX4 Storm .40 carbine:
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Thank God for opposing thumbs or this would be a bitch!!

Yeah. I know. It's a Glock.

And that's what happens when I mix my red clothes with a ash colored sweatshirt
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That's why you only have a number! Did you escape from a Lab??? Your'e one good looking monkey, i303. Now where's the photo after you shaved? ;D
Is that a PTR91 I see? If so how do you like it?

Thanks Magik.
indeed it is. I really like it. Very accurate for a main battle rifle, and it's reliability is unquestionable. It sucks down ammo that would make an ar10 puke :p

haven't shot it much lately, haven't felt like taking out a second mortgage for the ammo :-[
Very nice indeed. I deal with PTR., and their quality seems very good. I like their Paratrooper but I imagine the stock would be uncomfortable to shoot?

I know what you are saying about the ammo. .308 prices are crazy. Where do you buy your ammo? Have you looked at the Ammo Man's web site?


He has some good deals!
Well heres me in my pjs and a corner of my room, kinda messieish,

Oh and my XCR seeing as how every one else is armed, I dont wana look outa place.
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Looks like your ready, you ever think about joining the army. Then you can get camel poop on your gun. ha! ha! Buy the way at the age of 17 I think you are the youngest member on this forum. Congratulation!!!!!!!! I wish that I had such a nice gun at that age.
Thanks Ranly,

If we can only get co-operation from the 'OTHER' members of this community??? ;D Monkeys included!
Hey Guys and Girls,

How about filling this thread upo with all your 'MUG' shots so we all know who we are talking to? If you think the idea sucks, just say so. And who the dude who keeps hidden in the forum??? Got something to hide do we? ::)
Welcome GR8,

You don't like the people standing next to you? :D
Welcome GR8,

You don't like the people standing next to you? :D
Thanks! Actually, they are both very good friends. However, they might not appreciate having their pictures posted on the internets. ;)
I know I'm only kiddin ;)
You know, posting pictures of our weapons and faces will make it hard to claim it was someone else when the Hillary-AntiGun-People come after us.

Remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you!
Sadly, earlier this afternoon all my guns were lost in a tragic boating accident :'(
Awwww Magik,

I so sorry to hear about that. Let me know where they went down and I will get a team together to recover them for you! ;)
Sadly, earlier this afternoon all my guns were lost in a tragic boating accident :'(
I'm sure they will have no reservations about increasing taxes to form an alphabet soup agency in charge of diving recovery teams to handle the sudden surge in weapons lost to tragic boat accidents. :-\
1 - 20 of 237 Posts
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