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How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

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How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

1. The stock is the weakest link in the XCR design. Taking AR15 stocks gives too much credence to that which it seeks to replace, and doesn’t exactly scream cutting edge when compared to everything else the XCR offers. The standard tube stock is too limited, and euro-esque circa 1977

The Masada and FNSCAR both have good examples of what a next generation rifle stock should offer: Length of pull and height adjustments. If Robinson can maintain the overall look and aesthetics without resorting to the carp-bine/fishtail look, then even better.

Cheek height and weld adjustment are critical for maximum compatibility with AR15 sights and optics

2. Coat the bolt release is polymer, along the same lines as the AR15 sling loop.

3. Make the barrel retention bolt more flush. Because it protrudes out you cant mount the VFG closer to the receiver without boring a hole into the top of your thumb

4. Ship with ambidextrous safety lever, because there is no good reason not to considering even the 556 manages to get this right

5. Make the gas adjustment system tool-less. Oh wait…never mind. Done

6. Improve the trigger. The first stage is sticky and gritty, and the 2nd stage feels heavy

7. 1/7 barrel, because there is no reason not to considering 1/7 is the defacto standard

8. T mark the rail because I don’t want to use rail covers to remember where optics return to when I experiment. It almost shows attention to detail which customers appreciate

9. Change the gas block from dove tail to picatinny

10: Mid-length and rifle length models would be bliss.

And what would a middy XCR look like

That’s all I got for now. I’m sure I will think of something else later. Anyone care to add.
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Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

I totall agree.

1). I love the look of that Masada Stock, and it looks a little like the Magpul UBR that is due for release next month.

2). A polymer or some kind of powder coating would be good. Maybe something like an overmold from Hogue?

3). Agreed.

4). Good point.

5). Done! Very well done might I add.

6). Yes a good match grade single stage trigger works for me.

7). No issue here.

8). The marks on the rail would be nice too.

As I said, I agree with Variablebinary (may I call you VB?) and by the way, what is the second rifle you have in your photo?
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Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

I agree with most of what you said. I don't mind the stock too much (aside from sling mounting issues). I think the trigger is the weakest link. As far as my personal performance with the rifle, I think that a trigger would be the biggest improvement.

7. 1/7 barrel, because there is no reason not to considering 1/7 is the defacto standard

8. T mark the rail because I don’t want to use rail covers to remember where optics return to when I experiment. It almost shows attention to detail which customers appreciate

9. Change the gas block from dove tail to picatinny
7. I think a 1/7 twist would be the most practical on the XCR because it's definitely more in keeping with the military role. I know that M855 ammo is supposed to go through a 1/7 for it to perform correctly. On the other hand, for 55gr and 63gr ammo, the 1/9 is fine. Since I don't shoot M855 (it's wicked expensive), it's not a huge issue for me personally.

8. Are those the numbers in the slots? My AR has those marks, but I don't find them all that useful. If the scope is off the rail for more than 15 minutes I can't remember what number they were on. I could write it down, but I can just as easily write down "5 from the back" or something.

9. I asked Mr. Robinson about that same thing. He said that they want to make a front sight like the adjustable front sight on the M14 (I hope I'm getting this right...). He wants to make one that is adjustable for windage and then locks down with a screw. The idea is that when you are changing out different barrels, each barrel has it's own front sight that is zeroed in for that barrel. Then when you change it out, you don't have to worry about the irons being off at all. Makes sense I guess.
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Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

I got a 1-in-8 twist barrel with my 18.6" barrel model.

I'd like to also see a 1:7, 1:8 OR 1:9 stainless steel bull barrel. Maybe even a couple of fluted barrels.

Maybe a top rail with built-in BUIS of the DPMS Mangonel design or similar. I'd like to see this type of BUIS integrated into the upper with the peep sight on the rear threaded with various size peep sight sizes available.

These sights would fit flush with the upper rails when down.
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

Good list... I can't think of anything else-although once the new caliber conversions come out we'll be able to critique those as well...
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

A SCAR-style stock would be top of my list.

The Magpul UBR looks good (and I'm sure it'll perform well), but it's still an AR-based stock with a buffer tube--on a gun (XCR) that has no need for a tube. I'd like to see the same functionality in a thinner stock designed specifically for the XCR.

Other than that, I"m damned happy.
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

I could have gone without seeing that Masada... it's on my hit list. C'mon '08!
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

On another note, the XCR needs to lose a few pounds. The sling attachment on the original stock is a joke, and an even bigger joke if you happen to shoot lefty... you're already making the gun, why not make as much of it as you can ambi??
It needs to be in .308.
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

Bring on the .308, I want one! Has anyone seen a photo of this elusive creature? Perhaps some of our contacts on here might be able to find one???
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

Seems like most of the things on your list come down to 'user preference'. Stock, trigger, barrel twist, everyone has their own opinion of what is ideal; luckily on the XCR all this stuff is easy to replace! I do agree though that it was silly not to equip an ambi safety, how hard would that have been?

In my mind the only thing I find questionable about the design of the XCR is the rear latching mechanism. It just does not seem as sturdy as a cross pin. Probably not a concern for civilians, but maybe for soldiers. Time will tell!
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

An adjustable version of the folder would be great. I really liked the folder but it was too long in full tactical gear. I have been quite pleased with the magpul CTR on the non folding adaptor but I never did like the sliding/folding combo as it stands now.

Lighter would be nice, but our M4 clones equpped with the same equipment and rails weigh 9.4 pounds compared to my XCR at 9.5. Even my HK94 clone with red dot and light weighs 9.3 pounds (all weights with fully loaded mag).

I think the XCR is pretty much perfect as is, or at least it has been for me since I have bought it.

The new gas system looks nice, but I am afraid I would be playing with it too much. I keep a 5/8 wrench in my range box and it took about 30 seconds to adjust it at the last range day. I am now down to #3 with wolf ammo and no problems. The gun had over 1000 rounds through it before the change and it still functioned 100% so I think I am good to go.

I think a gas block with built in folding front sight would be pretty slick, although the MI folder works great for me up front.

I think tops on my list would be a .22 conversion kit.
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Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

What a great thread idea! I'll make sure Alex reads this :-*
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

I'd like to see/get an Ambi safety for my XCR.

Also, Terra, any update on the match trigger which is in the works? Will it be end-user installable (i.e. can we users install it)?

I emailed the C-Products folks today on their 7.62x39 mags, but don't expect an answer so soon.

Hmm, DMPS 308 mags is a good choice for the XCR-M (XCR-Medium) as I have many. :)

What else?

Are there any front sights which specifically fit the new gas block dovetail?

How about something easy for you guys, red enamel paint on the safety OFF position mark, white paint on the safety ON position mark (both sides of the receiver). White enamel paint on the gas block setting numbers.

Yeah, I know very minor and can be easily done by the end-user.
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Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

Terra said I should stick my head in here to update you all.

You guys have got some good ideas. We’re way ahead of you though. I’ll fill you in on some things that are relevant to this discussion.


We have designed a bunch of stocks. I didn’t like any of them and I certainly don’t like the M4 stock. We offer it only because many have asked for it. I got a change to cheek the FN SCAR and the Masada. All I can say is that they’re bulky and uncomfortable. I also wonder how strong they are.

I finally found a stock design I like and we bought it. We’re improving if for the XCR. It is very innovative and much more ergonomic than the SCAR or Masada stocks. We’re trying to get it into production quickly. It won’t be expensive and will be easily attachable to your XCR. It goes from having a 10.5” to a 13” LOP. It also has an adjustable cheek piece. It is slim, strong, and looks awesome. We’ll post a picture shortly.


Our 6.8 will come with our own muzzle brake. We shot a 5.56 XCR back to back with a 6.8 XCR in both semi and full auto. The recoil of the 6.8 is so low that it’s hard to tell from the 5.56. We’re very happy with the results. We’re almost ready to start shipping the 6.8 rifles and kits.

Because 6.5 ammo is also becoming available, we made up a few 6.5 rifles last week. We tested the functionality of these rifles today. The work great. We will be shooting these at paper the rest of the week. If the accuracy is up to par, we’ll immediately put the 6.5 into production also.

Both the 6.8 and the 6.5 use the same magazines.

We also spoke with Larry Panka of C-Products today. He assures us that the 7.62x39mm magazines will be available shortly. Most likely December. He’s making them right. We’ll start our kits so that they are available as soon as the magazines are available.


Because some don’t like the trigger, we are making a whole new set. With the current trigger group, we can drastically improve it by simply putting a set screw up inside the threaded hole used hold the piston grip on. It takes the trigger down to feel much more like and good M16 trigger.


Here’s the neat thing about the XCR that the SCAR and Masada cannot claim – Our lower receiver is the registered part. The SCAR and it’s direct ripoff copy the Masada (actually the SCAR’s action is a direct ripoff of the H&K G36 which is like a AR18) have a cheap plastic lower and the upper is the registered (serialized) part.

Having the upper as the registered part is a BAD idea. Let me tell you why. The upper is the part that gets all the wear and tear. The lowers don’t get nearly as much. With the SCAR and Masada your upper including your rails is going to get worn and you’ll want to replace it like you could with you’re AR15, but you might not be able to without buying another firearm (which may not be possible because they may be banned).

The great thing about the AR15 and the XCR is that the lower is the registered part. Once you have it we can make lots of different uppers, including a lighter one.

Also, let’s say that you have an overpressure situation with either the SCAR or Masada. It’s going to bend the #&(*!! out of the upper. Also, you want to be able to replace the rail system if it gets chewed up over time. I’ve seen some of the SCARs out there and the uppers get chewed up really fast and look like crud. With the XCR, you can pitch the upper and buy a new one for $300.00. With the other two rifles, the upper is your rifle if you get my point.

So, we will not only offer some lighter uppers, but also a PDW that we’ve been working on with a 10” barrel (it must be registered as an NFA weapon of course).


We don’t have the front sight done yet and it won’t be until we do the .308 model.

Marks on Rails

We haven’t numbered the rails. It’s a good idea. We can do this. Please let us know how you want them marked.

Ultimate Rifle

We are working to make your rifle the ultimate rifle. By the end of this year we will be shooting at least five calibers in the current XCR. I seriously doubt that any other rifle can shoot as many calibers as well as the XCR. We are committed to making the XCR as perfect as any rifle can be. We are working on lots of new accessories for the XCR. NO OTHER PLATFORM IS AS FLEXIBLE.

Thank you for your support!!!

Alex Robinson
Robinson Armament Co.
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Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

Alex, thanks again for your response.
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

Thanks for stopping by alex! I look forward to seeing the new stock design, and the lighter and pdw uppers sound quite interesting...
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?


Thanks so much for stopping by and giving us this information. I'm not sure you realize just how much it means to me, and I'm guessing the rest of the XCR community, that you take the time to keep us up to date. Unlike most of the other forums, this one is devoted to just one rifle. Yours! In the AR community there are so many makers and variants, it's not really localized, but this forum is. I believe you have a GREAT product, and I am eagerly awaiting to see it grown even further into what it deserves to be, a well recognized weapons platform.

Please keep up the good work and I hope to see you here again soon to give us even more information, and maybe a sneak preview photo or two of what's to come. We will keep it a secret, we promise! ::)
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

Alex, thanks for the info.
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?


It sounds as if you and the team at Robinson Arms are working hard to make sure the XCR stays
at or near the top of the heap when it comes to Military black rifles.

I appreciate your dedication and taking the time to drop in and update us all on the new developments.

I'm ready for another XCR.....btw Terra is awesome and Ty has always been top notch.

Thank you
Re: How would you "Fix"/Improve the XCR?

how many other forums can say they have direct contact like this. just awesome. can't wait for pics and more info on the 6.5mm variant. hope to see and hear more soon ;D
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