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Howdy from Aggieland!

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I was not sure where to post this so I figured this was just as good as any other place.

I am a senior at Texas A&M University looking to graduate this summer! I have some questions about the XCR and this seemed to be a good place to ask them. I am a member on Sigforum but the XCR seems to be a sore subject over there.

I honestly would have bought a Sig...if the civilian model was not neutered with made in china feeling parts. If they released anything close the the 552, well, I probably would not be posting here :)

Anyways, I have glanced through your forum and noticed it can be a bit of a free for all and you can obviously speak your mind without interference.

Anyways, I hope to post a lot and maybe make a few friends a long the way!
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Welcome :) I lived in TX for a year and a half. Great state, great people. ;D
I was lusting after the Sig 556 when they were first announced but after a lot of research went with the XCR. Best decision I made. It was my first black rifle and I studied everything I could find for the better part of a year while waiting for the Sig to actually become available.

Besides the information about the weapon system I also became conversant with the "peculiarities" of the various talk forums. I'm either Consultant or SigsRule on the Sig forum, ARFCOM, CO-AR15, Coloradocarry, Silencertalk, and Warriortalk - plus a few others. Today I mainly frequent xcrforum, co-ar15 (local to me), coloradocarry, and warriortalk. The signal to noise ratio is too high on many of the others. That includes sigforum even though I have a lot of Sigs and used to spend a lot of time there.
GIG'EM AGG. WELCOME to the forum! I lived in Aggieland for 17 years, moved to the country 2 years ago not to far from there. Bought my XCR from Champion Firearms, Robert sold it to me. He told me that everyone that bought one from there loved it, I do too. I'm sure you have been over there to look at it. As far as the 556 I looked at one at Ganders Mt. & didn't like it as much, feel wise.
Speak of the devil! I was over there today holding it again. It definitely feels a lot better than the Sig 556. The 556 is definitely some mutated offspring when compared to its Swiss counterpart.

Yeah, the guy I talked to today (Roger) said he has heard lots of good things from the customers that had purchased one and had shot it himself a time or two.
howdy back atcha!

if you have questions about the xcr, this is the place to be... lots of knowledgeable folks that love their rifles and are happy to help ya out ;D
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