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I will call it Mini XCR :)

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This is just the beginning.......................................................... :ninja:
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Dang it, I wanted to post a SBR pic today...

I got my 6.8 barrel back today, 11.5". I am waiting on my lower and will be good to go.

Yours looks great, the XCR was made to be short.
It looks agressive... dose it work???
My Mini XCR makes all the hatred I had at SIG for making the 556 go away. I really see no need to own a Magpul or SCAR or whatever the new toy is going to be. Even if Sig said they would come out with the gun they where going to I would see no reason to purchase one at this point. I know some of you own and enjoy them, my hats off to you, I wanted what I was promised. I now have something MUCH better.

The XCR looks SO good in this configuration. It needs a comp Aimpoint ml3, a surefire light, and maybe a forward grip. I will leave it alone other then that.

As for if it works, I cleaned out the local Walmart of .223 Remington green box and have loaded the mags up. I will post a range report as soon as I get it out there.

It looks very nice. Welcome to the SBR family, I knew you would love it, I do!

Aw, it's just a *little* baby. ;D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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