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I'd like to order an ambi safety selector ... are they in stock?

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Robarms folks (Terra, Ty, Alex)

Are they i stock?

What's the price?

What is required to install one?

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We do have them in stock. They're $50. I'll only charge you $2.00 shipping because It's small enough to send in a bubbly envelope. then there's the 3% card fee. So you're looking at $53.56 total. Feel free to call me today, and we'll get that all set up for ya. I can even ship it tonight, and you'll have it by Friday or Saturday at the latest. (801)355-0401
What is required to install it?

I mean, what steps do I need to take to install it?

Hmmm... I don't know. Go ahead and email chuck... [email protected], and he can tell you how.
Just sent him an email.

It would be nice if the install procedure was posted here. I'm thinking about one as well. ;D
I'll post it so long as Robarms folks don't mind.

That is, once I hear from Chuck.

Haven't heard back yet.
Chuck is very busy making my rifles! ;D
Yes, Chuck is busy assembling a rifle for me as well. ;D I do not want to have to wait any longer than is necessary. Maybe Terra could give us an update on when we could expect rifle to ship if that is not too much of a problem. ??? Maybe we should start a new tread for that rather than hijack this tread. :eek:
They call their dealers when they are shipping, and you can rest assured that as soon as I know I will let my customers know! ;)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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