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Ideal stock for the XCR

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I thought I would start a thread in which we could all give ideas as to things we would like to see in a new stock from RA. Here are my thoughts:

1. I like the profile of the existing folder. If the new stock is somewhere near this thicknes, but less than an M4 I will be very happy.

2. Make the rear of the stock taller. As much as I like the folder the rear of it needs to be the same height as an M4/A2 stock. I use a real high shoulder placement and the stock folder forces me to hold the gun a little lower than I like.

3. Keep a rubber butt pad but make it a little less tacky. The rubber on the stock folder is too tacky and makes re positioning on a tac vest a little difficult. I had the same problem with the Ace skeleton stock on my .308 AR and had to change it back to an A2 for this reason and it was too short as discussed above.

The rubber on the CTR seems to be a perfect compromise.

4. Keep a slight taper on the rear of the stock ala CTR. I like that it is not square to the gun but tapers back towards the gun on the bottom.

5. If you make a cheek riser, make it optional. I really like the extra height between the stock and the sights and now find an AR cheek weld too tight. I like the extra height that I had to get a taller scope mount for my .308 DPMS so both guns feel alike.

6. The stock LOP on the folder is a pretty good compromise for most people that have shot my gun, but offer 1/2 inch or so adjustments with at least 2 shorter and 2 longer. Using my fixed CTR stock I usually run it on the same LOP as the folder, but go in one click when wearing entry armor and out one click when doing a lot of prone, bipod work (especially with a magnified optic).
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I like the idea of an optional cheek riser. ;D ;D
Or just the standard tubular stock, but mounted higher (like a low-medium-high adaptor).
Make sure what ever you make is shaped like a Fish tail ==( other wise no one will think its cool...
I like the standard folder that comes with the XCR. Can't really ask for anything more. I have no problems using irons, eotech, or an acog with it.

what I would like to see from XCR is a SCAR stock. Cheekweld would be slightly better, but most of all the SCAR stock looks are tops.
I'm inclined to think the SCAR stock would give us what we need, or most of it anyway.

It's a folder, so you have that for compactness when packing. It has adjustable LOP for whenever you need to vary it. It has the cheekpiece high enough to make the best use of AR15 sights and accessories. Also, the cheekpiece looks easily replaceable if it needs to be changed for some particular reason. It's also thin--no buffer tube foolishness to add uneeded bulk.

I don't much care what it looks like. Form follows function. Those are the functions we need in the XCR. Things to make the gun easier to use well.
My two cents is... please, in the name of God, don't make it look like a stinkbug fish. :D
But it wont be cool unless its fish style... gosh every one knows this
The only thing I'm hoping they add is, maybe, and adjustable height cheek weld. I'd keep the current LOP and all the other dimensions except maybe width... it wouldn't hurt my feelings if it were a little wider. I assume they will make it adjustable LOP though.

I also don't want it to be a whole lot heavier, which might be a problem unless they make it out of plastic.
Alex read this and took mental notes. Thanks guys. :)
I really just can't understand the whole thing with adjustable cheek pieces.

A good for instance would be the McMillan stock on my spotters rifle. That stock - along with the work on it - was about $500 cheaper than a new XCR. It's got an adjustable cheek piece.

Now I've been using this spotters stick for 6 or 7 years - the barrel is about gone now again, and it's been with me through a basic and advanced sniper courses - so I pretty well know the stick.

The thing is, I'm CONTINUALLY tweeking the thumbscrew that secures the cheek piece. As in I'll twist on it probably two to four times per magazine just to make sure it's still tight. It's like a ritual, part of the doping process...... get the bipod level, check the turrets are zeroed, twist on the cheek piece thumbscrew, etc, etc, etc.

I for one have come to loathe adjustments like that. WHAT A PAIN! What's the other option? Well, you could do like the guys running the M24s, just duct tape a piece of pipe insulation on. Or I could loctite the thumbscrew in place - but if I did that I'd lose the iron sight usage capabilities. I could fabricate a spacer, to set between the top of the stock and the cheek piece, that would mean the cheek piece couldn't fall but then it'd require removal to go to irons.

And then there's the wiggle inherrent in any adjustable stock.

Sounds great for an expensive stock, right?

On a bolt gun, the answer is simple: lower the optics until it works. If the optics can't be lowered that much, adjust the comb higher without interfering with the bolt operation / removal. One, both, or a combination, will work every time in my experience. And when I say "adjust the comb higher", I'm talking in either a permanent or semi-permanent manner. Something that is SOLID, or at least solid enough. Bondo? Works great, but a touch heavy. The aforementioned pipe insulation and duct tape (the high-class way) works great too.

These changes work because a bolt gun uses one plane for sighting - unless going to iron sights, which one doesn't do anyway 'cause the Redfield sights just suck. And, of course, this is assuming that the stick is set up for irons. Me personally? I wouldn't trust the irons if the stick took such a hit as to screw up my optics.

But the thing is, the XCR uses ONE plane for sighting, whether it's optics or irons. Thus, in my opinion, the comb height should be adjusted to fit the user, and left there permanently. It's not like we're messing with the last eighth inch - I don't change the cheek piece elevation when wearing a baliclava or such. Just get the stock height right for that person, and then the factory tubular stock is a wonderful thing.

The benefit to the tubular stock is that it's got a slim footprint! That's part of the reason I hate the M4 telestocks - they're wide enough in footprint such that using them as a rifle (as opposed to a carbine) is problematic. Maybe my shoulder just doesn't have a big pocket, I dunno - but I don't like having to tilt my head to the side in order to get on the optics.

If I could have gotten the tubular stock higher, I'd have stayed with it completely. The only other possible gripe with the tubular stock is the lack of a storage compartment, but to that I give a resounding "who cares". The benefits? It's LIGHT, and since it's impossible to get a round stuck above the carrier on the XCR, durability of the stock isn't so much a concern.

Literally, it seems to me that the M4 adaptor could be manufactured in a low-medium-high selection. Put a half inch between each one, and call it good. Or call it "the best".

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I totally agree with you on the M4 being too thick. I don't like rotating my head over either to get behind the sights.

Unfortunately my entry vest is so much thicker than my road vest that I need LOP adjustment. I am supposed to get a much thinner entry vest in the next few months and I may be able to go back to the folder.

If they make it out of plastic, it would be great if it came in black, OD, and tan at a minimum.

I also agree that the cheek riser, for those that want them, should be set and forget it.

As to the weight, I actually like that the CTR is a little heavier than the folder. It seems to balance the wieght of the gun better.
i like the foam cheekpads on our tube stock. it would be neat to have a pad split down the side that you could pop on and off.
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