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Illuminated CQB?

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Has anyone have any experance with the IOR 4X24 Tactical 30mm rirle scope? If so, good, bad,or so-so. Would you owen one or do you have one? http://www.swfa.com/pc-10171-292-ior-4x24-tactical-30mm-rifle-scope.aspx
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I remember looking pretty seriously at the 1.1-4x scope. It has impressive glass, impressive weight, and it's pretty reasonable price-wise.

All the research of I've done on this scope pretty much summed up to good optics and weak electronics. It's illumination isn't daytime visible.
I read good reports on the scope but they did say one of it's draw backs was poor battery life???
Does anyone have the Aimpoint M4 scope. It looks like it might be on my short list for my XCR SBR when it arrives. Any experience/comments?
I have an AIMPOINT M4. Best dot I have to date. Supose to have 8 year battery life on one (AA) battery.
What mount do you use, and how does it compair to say a M3?
I've got an M4. It's an Aimpoint. Not much else you can say. Tough as a brick and very quick in use.

Presently, mine has the QRDII mount. It seems OK so far, but I've heard reports of this one needing some serious locktite for serious use. I've been planning to pick up a Larue mount to replace it, but simply haven't been able to spring the funds to make the switch (too many other projects going on).

Battery life is stupid long on the thing. Supposedly, it's 80k hours on--I think--setting 11, which is about 2/3 brightness. I just put the batteries in the thing and turned it on and have ignored it ever since. Probably a couple of months now and it just drives on.

The general consensus is that it is an improvement on the M3, but not a huge one. It does have a built-in mount, but it's not as good as the new Larue one. Larue is selling M4 packages with their mount for the same price as the Aimpoint QRDII package--helluva deal. There are no rings; it's bolted directly to the mount. AA batteries. Better sealing. An improved switch (forget exactly how, but it's supposed to be better). Improved adjustments. Just depends how much that extra $120 it costs is really worth to you.
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Thanks Slone,

I was pretty sold on it already, and it's going to take a hell of a deal to change my mind, I think! ::)
My M4 came with a mount seems to be sturdy, time will tell. I've also got an M3, same quality dot as far as my eye can tell, the bigest difference is the battery compartment & battery life.
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