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I'm told Kermit's is the best place to find an XCR in stock

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I have a few Forum friends that swear by Kermit's so I guess they are a great source for an XCR.

I also hear good things about AIM Surplus.... Ty's a good guy at Robinson as well. Tell him Tim
sent ya if you decide to go direct with Robinson Arms.

Here are the links



I can't find Kermit's so if someone has the web link post it please.

Tzoid :)
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I bought mine from Kermit and it was a great experience. I plan to buy another one from him eventually.

Kermit Zahm
Wild Thang Farms
3150 Fuller Rd
Emmett , Idaho 83617
[email protected]
phone 208-869-1616
Fax # 208-365-4272
FFL 9-82-045-01-7D-35203

My buddy AlCapone from SigForum also bought his from Kermit's and says they are really good to
deal with... Price , stock and great service.

BTW. how do I auto add a signature to my posts ?
how do I auto add a signature to my posts ?
Click on the "Profile" tab up top.
Under "Modify Profile" click on "Forum Profile Information".
On that screen there will be a Signature text box.
Good luck!
I don't know how busy Kermit is, but maybe someone will enlighten him on this forum. It would be nice to hear from him directly here on XCR Forum. I got mine directly from Robarm since I am a representative for a local ffl in the area.
As i said in my intro post, i bought mine from kermit. Had it in 10 days from the time i put the check to him in the mail! He was great to do business with and just a good ole boy kind of guy! ;D
I also got my XCR from Kermit, good guy too deal with ;D
I got mine off the shelf from Jensens in Colorado.
has anyone found a web link for kermit's?
He doesn't have a web link. Just email ( [email protected] ) him and tell him what you want. Then send payment and he'll send you an XCR.
+1 on Kermit, worked with me and I got my new XCR fast and clean.

He worked with me to tease out exactly what I wanted so I actually went for the heavy barrel with the 1:8 not the light in 1:9.

Good man, I would recommend him.
Hello everyone! Lex alerted me to the XCR forum....and I am overwhelmed by the positive feed back...I use this weapon system because at this point in time(To my knowledge) it is the best...Knowing Alex Robinson and dealing with him the last 7 1/2 years I can safely say that the design is inspired....when the balloon goes up this weapon (As a Tool) will save a lot of lives..............prepare like everything depends on you and pray like everything depends on the Lord.........I appreciate everyones support more than words express.....Thank You!
Just found you Guys. Thanks for the lead on Kermit's!!
I know many great XCR dealers here in the SLC Area. Since Robinson is in Utah he really takes care of the local guys and they have stock 99% of the time.

If you need one now here are some places I can recommend:

Gallensons & Associates 166 E. 200 South, UT 84111 801-328-2016

Getsomeguns LLC
7259 s 700 w
Midvale UT, 84047
Phone: (801)562-1222
(they recently moved to a new address)

Chris Bieling

Chris is in tight with Alex J and he pretty much is the sole source for kali-Banned XCR's so he has a nice hook up so he can get XCR's fast in a pinch
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Nice to see you found your way to the XCR Forum
Consider this a vote for AIM. I bought my XCR there a couple of weeks ago.

It helps I'm only about 30 minutes away, but it's about as painless as gun purchases get--aside from the money thing.
I'm getting mine through Mike Clubb at [email protected]
He's highly recommended on Sigform and I've found him to be great to work with.
Kermit is one of our best dealers. He's always on top of things, and gets the deal done.
You can't go wrong with Kermit. I haven't bought an XCR from him yet, but he has plenty of my money. I saw him today at the gun show and he had more XCRs in one place than I've seen before.
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