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Is Robarms going to SHOT show this year? They should!

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okay, not that the SHOT is the center of the universe, but is Alex going this year, because Robarms would benefit from having their XCR and conversions next to shit stains like the 556, and the looming SCAR and Masada.

As great as the XCR is, the word needs to get out more.

My advice...

1 off the rack XCR in 5.56 in FDE with lots of stuff on it with the new Robarms SCAR stock

1 UBER tricked SBR 7.62x39 Model

1 18" 6.5 HBAR model with bipod and hot glass

1 6.8 14.5" model

1 XCR-M model if a beta version is up to being showed off. A 13.5" barrel would be nice

Not many companies can match his lineup...well none really...literally None. No gun out there does what the XCR can do
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I want the 7.62 x 39 in the 11" SBR. That would be an awsome SBR and would be very appealing to a lot of people.
Aussie, Are you gonna giveaway a 7.62x39 "Shorty" if Rob Arms offers one? Add me to the list if you are....... Stirring up shit............. That would be nice! >:D
Sure thing gunner. If I'm going to "Give away" that SBR, you will be first on my list!

If you miss out on the drawing, I can sell you one!

And the winner is............................................................................................ME! :party:
Robarms definitely needs to put out the vibe :D

as vb3 said, noone has this stuff available-so it's time to ramp up the sexy...
Alex said that the SHOT guys were hosing him on getting a booth. More than likely isn't going to happen.

Last we spoke, he said he was getting a room to exhibit out of.

My opinion? If they'd just quit pushing / crowding the LE / MIL group into that back corner....... maybe push some of the dog training / game calls folks into the corner instead!

In any case, I'll be there for at least two days, probably three. Gonna hook up with him, and see the new goodies.

If he's got the -M prototype there (don't laugh - he had the -L prototype at SHOT for a couple years before they were out) I'll rub it in that I got to play with it first >:D
Not unless I get there first Bravo!
In my observation, it seems the xcr has gained a lot of momentum in regards to public opinion in the last year or so. A strong and exciting showing at shot increase that even more.

Out of curiousity, what does it cost to be at shot?

I agree the lame products should be the ones getting the crappy spots... I imagine you gotta pay to play though.
I'm not sure of the "at the door" price, but the pre-registration price is $25 IIRC.

That's for the whole show - they give you these neck pouch things with the ID / ticket.....

AA, you gonna be there at SHOT too? Gotta hook up man!
I've heard it costs upwards of $10k just to reserve a booth, but, I have no real knowledge along that line.

What I do know is that if Robarm showed the selection that VB outlined, I don't care what corner they were in, they would be damn near the *only* thing that anyone talked about or remembered from the coming year's show. Maybe the SCAR would get a piece if it was shown in a civi oriented manner. If. Masada, 556 already made as much splash as they are going to make.

We all know the XCR platform is capable of amazing things in theory.

Well, its time to deliver. Is the XCR going to be the world-beater is has the potential to be, or is it going to be another M96 (good rifle that never lives up to its potential?) The next year will tell us. If the SCAR and 416 debut with equal capabilities as the XCR, the XCR is dead. If the XCR has x39, 6.5, 6.8 running before the other two are even on the table, well, the XCR may own market space the other two can't even dream of playing in.

But time is running out. I'm rooting for the XCR to live to fight another day, but time is running short.
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The 416 was out -I want to say- 3 years ago. Maybe 4.

As I passed by, I saw all these ARs hanging on the wall of their area, and commented to my friend "I thought the Germans had more sense than to get mixed up in a design like that".

That's when I found out that Austrians were sometimes both short and sneaky - there was one in a black HK sweater standing right behind me :duh:

He was emphatic that the 416 wasn't an AR, and wanted to SHOW me. OK, cool. But any way you slice it, it's an HK - I was told that HK had absolutely NO intention to make these available on the civvie market here in the US. To top it off, he said that unless they could come up with a contract topping 10 mil, they wouldn't even bother building them in the US.

Because you suck.
And we hate you.

The XCR has been shown at least two years, and I didn't get the opportunity to go to the '07 show - so I know it was there in '06 and '05. I want to say '04 too, but don't take that as gospel.
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There are very strong rumors now that the 416 will be released on the civi market in this country.
I am hoping to make it to the Shot Show. It should be good this year and I am honestly hoping that RobArm has a strong presence there, they do need it!

IMHO the more other manufacturers present at the show the better as it just goes to highlight the package that RobArm really has and can live up to it's competitors.
The 416 not being released on the civvie market - that part was per the HK rep year before last. If something has changed, it had to have done so recently.

As well, I felt that the stick was front-heavy (unbalanced so), too heavy, and otherwise just a heavy, unbalanced AR. Yes, it's got a gas piston - great. That's been done since the '70s, so color me slightly less than impressed.

Because you suck.
And we hate you.
I made sure Alex was aware of this topic... he should reply when he gets a chance.
I'm not sure it was on O-fficial announcement, but it seems HK is intent on a 416 (417?) release in the US. Of course, with all the rumors that swirl around HK, who really knows for sure? I'm not sure I'd be that interested in the 416, but the 417 might be a different story. I'll have to actually lay hands on one to make up my mind.

I'm still an HK fan, even with all the controversy that surrounds them. They've pretty much written the book on customer no-service in recent years, but they weren't always so. They do make good guns--with a few misteps here and there, but, again, that's not new either (HK4 anyone?). I'll still have a brand loyalty to them just for the P7 and what it is. Also for teaching a much younger me what real reliability in a pistol could be. I still remember my .45 P9S and how it thoroughly embarrassed the Colts I owned back then. Then there was the P7 and it still sets the standard of what a service pistol should be--even makes 9mm look good.
Well harumph!
OK, so something has changed...... maybe HK has rethought its motto. I'll still have to wait and see about when (or if) they actually make it here to our country, and just how outrageous the price will be.

Because you suck.
And we still don't like you, but you've got the cash, so we'll tolerate you.
As long as they don't do a silly G36-SL8 type conversion then it might be worth getting. Personally i'd rather look at the XCR-M, the Masada or the LW Rifles system which appears to have a better gas system than the HK.

While I like HK weapons, their civvie versions leave a lot to be desired. Hopefully this is just an issue of the rifles being released during the ban years but given their arrogance in their pistol range i'm not so sure.
I've never owned any HK, and have no dog in the fight, but it seems to me that HK gets too much of a hard time sometimes... this is the same company that imported many varieties of their real-deal roller locked rifles before the bans. Those weapons don't work for me ergonomically, but there is no disputing that they were very solid as far as functionality. Their pistols also seem to have a pretty solid rep, though I just have a hard time seeing how I would pay 800+ for any polymer framed handgun.

What has HK ever *not* brought to this country, other than a non-aborted version of the G36?
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