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Israeli .223 Plastic Bullet $130/1000

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Anyone tried this crap? Will it cycle the XCR?

Why would I put this in my $1500 rifle? ::)

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becuse its cheap the gas is adjustabe and you can always clean your rifle...
Do you plan on going on safari for your next door neighbors cat? Where did you find that?
... Will it cycle the XCR?

One way to find out... 8)
I wanted to avoid being the guinea pig.... However, since I brought it up I'll give kyimports a call tomorrow and see what they say. Maybe I can get a single box.
I have seen that stuff advertised on Gunbroker before, I have heard of a few guys trying to get it to cycle in an AR but were not able to, even drilling out the gas port and using a dead buffer spring. I guess it wouldn't hurt to get a box or 2 but unless you want it for the brass you would get tired of shooting single shot 1K times.
This ammo was meant for riot control. It is used as single shot. This according to a Israeli police buddy of mine.
No Thanks...

Hell I don't even put Wolf thru my weapons..

To Each his own as the saying goes.
Ok, I got a box... :-\

No big surprise, it won't cycle my well lubed XCR. I don't even think it was close.

It is a bit like shooting blanks, with the XCR sounding like it is almost spitting the plastic bullet.

The brass is fine and probably could be reloaded.

Hey VA, is it POSSIBLE to pull the plastic bullets and use the cases for reloading??? ???
That's my assessment, but I don't reload. I'll bring them to the Cove Va shoot on Saturday and see what 1redgmc and Aussie think.
I suppose it is possible they could cycle a surpressed XCR. Not sure

Is $130/1000 for primed brass a good deal?
Depends if it is Berdan primed, if it is I wouldn't want it as i could only use it once.
Personally I'd want some very reliable independent confirmation that the brass and primers from some sort of rubber-bullet riot control ammo were up to the task of being loaded to full pressure with real bullets before trying it... thats got potential disaster written all over it.
Anyone want the spent brass so I can bail on this thread before someone get's hurt? :bolt:
Don't bail now, it is just getting good >:D
Drop the primer out a weigh the brass. If it's close try a light lllload with a lightweight frangible. If that goes ok, work your way up.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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