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John Noveske and my XCR

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If you don't know who John Noveske is check this site out.


I had John Noveske and his family at my house last weekend. We had a chance to go to the range and shoot my XCR. First thing he noticed was the lack of recoil and good design. He didn't say much else which is good. He is a man of few words. He just wished it was based on an AR15 lower. I however believe that the AR15 lower needs the advances made by the XCR. It also has less blow back with a suppressor than an AR15 which is a huge benifit to me.

Watching him shoot with his training made me want to spend some money on some classes.

Did I mention I love my XCR?
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John makes some awesome stuff. There is a good chance some of my coin will be headed his way at some point.

I was planning to take a bunch of classes at Quantico this year, but somehow the base commander became uncomfortable with they types of classes offered and pulled the plug. ??? We'll see.... Lord knows I need the training :eek:

They only regrets about a non-ar lower is no chance to get a FA XCR, but who can afford that anyway?
The only flaw with the XCR is the trigger, in that as standard it's a piece of shit. If the thing used an AR trigger then we could use registered sears, match trigger assemblies etc...

Most other issues are being worked out, such as more positive barrel mounting, gas regulation (Done) etc...

My biggest issue is that we are promised updates and the delivery schedules keep getting later and later. The 308 was supposed to be late last year, now its next year. Loyalty to a brand is one thing, but it's starting to wear a little.

I agree however that it's a fantastic platform, but will it ever meet it's full potential as a factory rifle......I have my doubts. I've just shelled out $1400 on a POF 18" upper. I finally got tired of endless waiting.
John is definitely getting some of my money...Glad he was able to spend some time with the XCR. It would be nice if some of the parts were AR compatible but after shooting an AR last weekend and fumbling my way through the bolt catch I was missing my XCR. Can't comment on the supressed shooting...yet.
Noveske is envogue these days.

I think Noveske's get too much of a lovefest while people will slam Robinson and Bushmaster without hesitation and they do it too becuase everyone else does. I love my Noveske N4 Light Lowprofile, but it is not like the thing was forged from fires of middle earth and blessed by the house of Elrond. To me it feels like any other AR.
People slam Bushmaster because their quailty control is erratic, to put it mildly.

The Noveske ARs are pretty nice guns--for ARs. If I was required to have one for some inexpicable reason, he'd be the one I'd talk to first. Fortunately, I do have an XCR and see no need for the AR and all it's attendent issues.
I have never personally shot a Noveske Gun. Good friends that own them rave about them, and not because the dropped money on it and don't want to admit it was too much for what they got. I have heard that they make some of the most accurate 10.5 inch guns out there. That is about the only thing I would get from them right now, a 10.5". When I build something with a longer barrel I will probably go with Larue. :2cents:
Actually I was amazed how accurate my 14.5" barrel with NATO Guat surplus... or maybe I just got a good batch of quat ammo?? I am talking consitent 2" for 5 shot groups at 100 yards. I am gonna pick up some FGM match ammo to see what she can do.

Now about my Noveske:
- Lowers are lowers are lowers. They are all pretty much the same. Only thing special about the Noveske lower is it says Noveske on it.
- The barrel is supposedly the same chrome linining that is on a M249 SAW machine gun and is twice as thick as normal chrome lining. I have to say it is dam accurate but then again we are talking about a combat rifle here that is mostly shot offhand, really how important is this? I guess this would matter if you are shooting from a bench.
- I am not that impressed with the so called "M4 Feed ramps"on the Noveske. It does not even look like M4 feed ramps, you have to do a double take to notice the extra cut in the receiver. But then again I think M4 feed ramps are overated for a semi auto weapon anyways. I have rifles without them that have never had any problems.
- The upper feels like any other AR. If it is extra special I really don't notice it.

I am not bashing Noveske at all, it is just that it is just an AR. It was build by a man just like any other AR. It was not blessed by elves. When it comes to what determines quality AR's, it is just splitting hairs anyways and to me all AR's are pretty much basically the same.

My Noveske is my SHTF rifle though ;)

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Mine will be blessed by elves, at least my wife says when elves are blessing ARs that is when i can get one ;)
I wouldn't expect someone who sells AR15s for a living to get all googly-eyed about another product competing for the same market share.
0000011053 said:
(After a long time trying to sell it and some hard thinking,I'm keeping my XCR.)

1.Has anyone put a KX3 on a 10-11" XCR?(I see the picture on the robinson site with the 13" barrel with the Noveske. )

2.Has their ever even been a 10" XCR?(I have read the posts mentioning the PDW in the future with the shortened rails/barrel.)

3.Could it be possible/functional to have an expert gunsmith machine down the rail and inch or two, shorten the gas system if needed, and bring the barrel down to 8-10"?
1. Don't Know
2. Doubt it, wouldn't be enough room with the gas block.
3. Anything is possible, the gas system would need to be shortened and the barrel would need the gas block moved, along with all the accosiated items of relocating the gas block. Probably better to wait for Robarms to bring it to market...
I wouldn't expect someone who sells AR15s for a living to get all googly-eyed about another product competing for the same market share.
John will give credit where credit is due, just because he does alot with Ars doesnt mean thats all there is in his personal collection.
he is a pretty quiet guy when it comes to lots of things, he did have posative things to say about the XCR, will he buy one, maybey.
John does know alot about weopons in general, not just ARs, the whole time i spent with him he was recieving countless calls from real Operators, and groups that dont even exist, anwering questions and takeing orders from people that can buy anything from anyone so its no accendent hes so busy, all my ARs are N4 rifles as i think they are the best carbines in the AR type to be had, and i have had everything over the last 20 years. One of the XCRs John shot was mine and supressed John was quite impeseed, as was i thats why i have 3
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