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Just confirming, the gas adjustment does not have a stop at the upper and lower setting?

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I made another trip to the range to break in the XCR-L 5.56.
The comment from Alex when I was making the payment on the order was to leave it set on gas setting 4, and fire 1,000 rounds using good 5.56 Nato ammo to break it in. This seems to differ from what I have read from others, and I think I found the section in the PDF manual that has the "fire 20-40 rounds on gas setting 4 or 5, then find the lowest setting it will cycle" instructions.

My previous trip, I was noticing the upper rim of the brass dented, which ticks me off, because my older rifle dents brass. So I have an unnatural motivation to stop this. It seemed like the brass was coming out pretty hard, bouncing off the diamond plate wall of the shooting stall, and hitting me in the side of the head and neck. The suggestion from fellow forum members was fire some more through it, and if it continued, back off the gas setting.

This trip was to a different range. The wall looked like wood. The stalls wider. But the top rim of the brass was still getting dented.
After running 30 or 40 rounds, I attempted to adjust the gas valve. Did not realize there was a spring loaded plunger holding it in place. Glad I did not have a pair of pliers. Finally figured it out, and clicked one direction. Too dark in the range to see any markings, pretty sure it was the wrong direction, because it seemed worse. Attempted to adjust it back two clicks the other direction, but forgot which direction I turned it to begin with.
Figured I would turn it to the end of the adjustment range and go four clicks back to the middle setting. It spun, both directions, no stop at the limit of adjustment. I feared I had managed to unscrew the machanism on the inside of the rifle, and the next round fired and the bolt did not cycle.

Looking at it after returning home, it appears that there is no stop on the knob at the top and bottom of the adjustment range, and the thing will spin and go to the other end of the range, like the little ship in the Asteroids game exits the screen on the right and reenters the screen on the left.

Next on the list of things to do:
Buy a little flashlight to keep in the rifle case, so I can see what I am doing at the shooting range.
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No stop necessary; nothing to unscrew....you can spin it either direction to get where you need to go.

1K rounds is excessive....and the instruction to fire the rifle with a specific ammo at the lowest setting that results in the bolt locking back on an empty mag then bumping the gas up one setting from that for reliability (while maintaining at least 8-12' of ejection distance), IMO...is a better way to tune.
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Yeah, typically 100-200 is adequate for break in, then you want to tune for lrbho and 10-15ft of ejection. For most of my barrels, in the summer that usually ends up around gas setting 3 or 4.
Once I establish the setting, I mark the detent on the dial with a green mark for summer, white mark for winter, and purple for suppressor.
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