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Just Ordered My 6.5 BPC Conversion Kit!

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I just ordered my conversion kit on the RA website. I have a few questions:

1. What is BPC?
2. How good is the RA muzzle brake? Does it increase the noise to the people around you?
3. What is the weight difference between the 18.5" 6.5 BPC heavy barrel and the 5.56 light barrel?


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Three good questions........ But are you takling about the 6.8 SPC??????
Hi Gunner,

No, they have the 6.5 Grendel kits on their website. Check it out:


haven't had a chance to ask alex what BPC means...but basically, it shoots 6.5 wolf and AA ammo.
maybe Battle/Presicion Cartridge? I am reaching here.
Lex... Could you change this section name to 6.5x39 mm? We don't have permission to use the Grendel name, and it might get us in a little bit of trouble. :-X

We cannot use the trademarks of others. To our knowledge and after a trademark search, BPC is not trademarked, but we don't know what it means, so we're going to use 6.5x39mm or 6.5 RA.

Many have asked what chamber we're using. We are going to call it a 6.5 RA. All we can say is that it will shoot the commercially available 6.5 ammo which is on the market. It has shot well in our tests.

I hope this is helpful.


Alex J. Robison
BPC = Black Powder Cartridge.

But used in reference to the 6.5, I dunno????

Maybe some Benchrest Performance Cartridge??? or Benchrest Precision Cartridge???


6.5 Bergmann P?? Cartridge
Just ordered mine too. 18.6, just threaded no suppressor. I have a Gemtech one that is going on it. Can't wait! Frankly this is such a good round, when the Wolf Steel cased ammo arrives, it may become my defacto social rifle.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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