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Just wanted to say....

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You guys really make my day. Nothing cheers me up more than when one of you call me up crying about a spring you lost or an order you would like to make. I love my customers.... I have probably dealt with one obnixous jerk in my whole time working here... everyone else has been just great. I know sometimes we get things mixed up or late... but you are the best clientel we could ask for. You're understanding, patient, and enthusiastic, and it is very much appreciated. You are also all very helpful. I direct a lot of people to this board because I know that you are all brimming with great advice... and that is also appreciated. Your reviews, suggestions, and compliments have really helped our company. I noticed that a lot of you post on many other boards as well, and defend us ferociously. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a great bunch of guys. :inlove:
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It's not hard to defend such a great weapons system, and it's a pleasure dealing with you guys who seem just as passionate about these rifles as we are.

Keep up the good work!

Roy ;)
The service I got when my ejector broke was awesome. I had nothing to complain about!

I called BATFE today, stamp should be here next week!

How much is it going to cost to get my barrel cut down?
$5,000 dollars? ;D Nah, I kid. We usually charge $50 per hour for labor. You will have to work that out with us, though. I'm not sure how much they charge for cutting down barrels.
Ty from RobArm quoted me $50.00 plus shipping costs. That's not too bad if you only send the barrel.
Let you know when I have it in hand :ninja:


They said 11.5 was the lowest they could go right?
Terra - there are two reasons why you folks think us folks are great ;)

When people comport themselves and converse as responsible adults, everything typically goes a great. I have yet to meet anyone that was less than courteous at RA. Especially you and Ty go -in my opinion- out of your way to make sure 'above and beyond' is noted.

When the manufacturer builds quality merchandise and stands behind it, there's no reason to gripe!

Now let's talk about the Anti-Terra (or Anti-Ty for that matter!) - Dick Swan. I'm convinced the wisest business decision Dick ever made in his entire career was to not speak personally to the customers any more. Never mind the fact that his junk (er, maybe I should say "stuff" - it's less honest, but nicer) fails routinely.

RA is such an incredible breath of fresh air in the firearms marketplace - at no time have I heard anyone say "but I'm an engineer, you're just a trigger monkey - you're just too dumb to know what you're doing". And yes, that was said to one of the top shooters in the Army. Instead, we're encouraged to ask question, give opinions, and offer input! As Alex says, the XCR is built for shooters - and is the model (again, my opinion) of how a company should be run.

I'm just really happy you don't have the HK sign on your door. It'd be difficult for me to tolerate a condescending attitude coupled with ergonomic nightmares. Hey, but that's HK. They know we suck, and they hate us :eek:
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I asked Ty today about it and he didn't say they wouldn't do it for me but I have scheduled a conversation with Chuck tomorrow to try to get a definitive answer about the subject of short barrels. I know Prizm has an 11" SBR and he has not had any issues with it. I will post the results of our conversation tomorrow.
I have probably dealt with one obnixous jerk in my whole time working here... e
Thanks for not mentioning my name, Terra. ;D
I appreciate you guys being the pioneers on this!

I look forward to the discussion. I will probably put on a YHM quick detach flash hider. Going for the suppressor next.
I have just received the new AAC Blackout QD Flash Suppressor for my SBR XCR. It will hold my AAC M4-2000 when I eventually get it. Oddly enough, the instalation instructions say to basically locktite it onto the barrel with the tube of "glue" that they supply with the flash hider.

I will take some photos during the day tomorrow and post then in the "Suppressor" section of the forum.

Here's a photo I think sweep found:

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It's funny that the AAC suppressor is mentioned right now. I talked to my shop today about which suppressor would be best for the XCR due to barrel length and my buddy mentioned the AAC suppressor. Sounds like I'm on the right path. I'll be using it with the XCR and a shorty AR as well. Good stuff, guys.
Well can I ask what they quoted you?

I would be running the suppressor on a 11.5 short AR and my XCR as well. Someone talked me out of the AAC but I have not placed an order yet, why would it be better then lets say a YHM?
:tiphat: ;D
no problem terra, I really like my rifle and the company behind it...

and aussie, I found that picture :raspberry: :boogie:

I'm interested in how both it and the m4-2000 will look and perform on your shorty :eek:

my deepest apologies to you and I thank you for this fine, somewhat rare photo :blah:

But seriously folks, this AAC Blackout Flash suppressor is one nice piece of equipment and the fact that you can put one on each rifle and just move the can around works for me!

It retails for $99.00 from AAC, but I can get them cheaper ;). Drop me an IM if you are interested in a spare Blackout Flash Suppressor.
aussie, I'll be getting on once I go sbr, but who knows when I'll get around to that ;)
I have probably dealt with one obnixous jerk in my whole time working here... e
Thanks for not mentioning my name, Terra. ;D

Don't flatter yourself! :D
You guys really make my day. Nothing cheers me up more than when one of you call me up crying about a spring you lost
I swear I didn't mean to cry!
But if it makes your day then I did my job.
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