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Kipp and the 7.62 kit Part II Sub 1" Groups

To follow up on my last report, I took pictures this time. I just got back from the range. I was shooting my 7.62 kit with Brown Bear and Wolf Military Classic HPs. I was getting very tight groups. The below picture is one target I shot to show what the 7.62 kit can do. It was with the Wolf Military Classic HPs at 100 yrds. It was 86 degrees with a cross wind of 7mph. I was shooting from the sitting position only using my bi-pod and a Barska scope (cheap one at that). The group measures under 1", this was typical of what I shoot with this kit. I am no expert. Last time I had 1.5" groups with Brown Bear. Its all up to the shooter.


Re: Kipp and the 7.62 kit Part II Sub 1" Groups

Dude, That group doesnt measure "under 1" ", it measures 3/4"!!

groups are measured from center to center or from outside edge to inside edge.
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