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Lancer L5 Mags First Impressions (Pics Inside)

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I picked up a pair of Lancer L5 Mags locally from http://www.eguns.com/ here in Utah.

Sadly, I didn't have time to get them to the range so my impressions are only cursory and preliminary.

So obviously the first thing most will want to know is how they compare to PMAG's

Lighter than PMAG's

They come with green USGI followers. I would think the L5 mags are compatible with Magpul followers, but I haven't verified. After a trip to the range I will see if an upgrade is required, but since all my USGI mags have worked fine, I am not concerned

The L5 Baseplate is rubber which is nice for when mags hit the deck

The feed lips are metal, which means they shouldn't get chewed like as a couple of magpuls I own,.

My general impression thus far is good, base purely upon aesthetics and apparent build quality. The real proof is in the use...and by use I dont mean running over them with a truck. I mean intended use.

So here are some pics. Range pics as soon as I can. For sure these mags are cool as hell.

Once again, thanks to Chad at http://www.eguns.com/ for the great service

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Not bad, let us know how they do. I just recently tested a Pmag for the first time and thought it worked pretty well, at least on par with my Hk mags.

I was only able to put a few hundred rounds through it the other day but mag dumps with a SBR were fine.
Thanks, for the comments, let us know the results after you use them.
These look very promising. Price of $19 each means you are paying a $10 premium just to know how many rounds you have left :) Might be worth it though as having the ability to always know how many rounds you have left is always a big plus, and is the reason I really like the clear Butler Creek 30 round mags for the Ruger 10/22.

I also like how these have steel feed lips and NOT plastic. I was never sold on the Pmags plastic lips, and figured over time they would probably wear just like the lips on the Orolite and Thermold mags, both these mags kick ass when you first use them, but over time the plastic lips wore down making the mag inoperable. For 10/22's, you pay a premium for good steel lipped magazines because the steel lipped ones last forever. Cheap plastic lipped 10/22 mags will see the garbage can in a couple of years. Also kinda dumb that Pmags you need a cover for the mag to protect the feed lip when not in use. I see there is no "protective cover" for these.

These are a good alternative to PMags and gives us another choice. PMags are on Gen2 already who knows if all the bugs were worked out. Since these uses green USGI followers, that means they are compatible with Magpul followers.

The cheapest I have seen for steel lipped, 30 round translucent Butler Creek mags go for is $24 (and as high as $32), so that means at $19 these are somewhat of a bargain.
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I wish they would make these in 6.5 & 6.8. ??? 8)

The follower isnt USGI. Its a Lancer designed follower. Magpul followers will not work. It doesnt look like anti-tilt followers are needed at all. The mag has less of a contour than USGI mags. It's almost straight compared to PMAG's. I dont imagine follower tilt will be a real issue. The proof will be in the testing.

These are very cool mags though, to be sure...
AIMsurplus has these for $19 as well. They're interesting.

I'm pretty happy with Pmags, especially for around $13-$15. Still, they are...interesting.

If I can find an excuse to order something else (or drop by) AIM, I may have to pick up a few to experiment with.
pretty interesting, this is the first I've seen of these.
I was also given one to T&E and I love it. In fact, I shot with it today in my XCR and it's a quality piece as far as I can tell.

The production mags are a little different, with followers that allow you to put 30 rounds in and insert the mag on a closed bolt more easily. Mine was loaded for over a month with no sign of trouble at the feed-lips. I'll be buying at least 10.
I recently ordered a few lancers. Not as ridged as pmags but seem to be a guality mag. I've only loaded one of them, but with 30rds it will not lock in my xcr or my bushy with a closed bolt. Please let us know if yours lock in with 30rds.

Seats with a tap on the base in my Colts just fine.
It will lock in on the bushmaster if I slam it in very hard. Maybe my lower is a little out of spec.

Fly out
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