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LaRue Poor Boy??

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Has anyone tried the poor boy setup that Larue Offers? I ordered one when I ordered my 104 mount. Any thoughts on it or firsthand knowledge is welcome. I figure if LaRue is putting his name on it then it must at least be decent. I doubt it is better than the actual Eotech magnifier but I will at least have the FTS mount if I decide to get it, though I don't know if the Eotech will mount in it.

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I have one. It works as advertised. It's a magnifier and it works. Not much else to say about it.
Yea, I have one as well. It looks VERY ghetto but it does work.
I have one. I like it. It was too high for my eotech with my GGandG quick release lever. I added a YHM riser and now it is a little low, but it is certainly doable.

Frankly for the money its great. The glass is clear and the mount is tough.

I just got it today and I love it. I will get some pics up later. They make a lower riser for those using the GG&G mounts. It is not listed on their website but if you call them they have them. You might call and see if you can switch it out.
Additional exerience. I used it on my eotech equiped xcr with no problems. I used it on my FAL and found the eye reliefe on the harder kicking gun to be a little close for my comfort.
I used it on my 6.8 and found it OK but I could see where it would be a little close with the FAL.
these use to go for $30 on Cheaper than Dirt. Then Larue bought them all up and now they go for $200 :(
When you look at it, LaRue is selling the optic for $49.00 and their LT649 mount for the retail of $150.00. Not a bad deal as a package when you consider shipping charges and all??

Yep, not a bad deal at all when you want to try it out before getting the real deal. The great thing is you can get it from them, decide you like magnification and sell the tube for $50 and keep the mount for the real deal.
I would just rather buy it for $30 and then go buy a cheap mount for $20. But hey it is your money you spend it how you like ;)
I looked through a guys that got the $30 one at I didn't like the aiming reticle inside. Not sure if the repurging that LaRue has done makes a difference in the glass but having the aiming reticel removed sure does help me. Worth the extra $20 in my book.
Good thread guys. Thanks. I've got a XCR on the way right now and I have an EOTech already. I want to buy a Poor Boy setup but I'm wondering if I should get the low version of the Poor Boy. I read a thread on ar15.com and it says that the low version of the Poor Boy mount (LT649) will line up with an EOTech that is mounted directly to the rails (no mount). My thought is that this setup might give a better cheek weld on an XCR. Doesn't the XCR have a lower stock postition compared to an AR? Please let me know if I'm thinking about this wrong.

The other question is: Will the low version of the Poor Boy mount allow for flip up BUIS to be mounted underneith the optic?
I should have just called Larue in the first place... They said that a rear flip up BUIS "most likely" would not fit under the low version of the Poor Boy mount (LT649).
I think I ended up ordering the low version then swaping it for the regular version. BUIS fit just fine under the regular version.
Aziator, was your issue with the low version because it was too low for a proper cheek weld or was it that the BUIS wouldn't fit underneith? I am still tempted to try to fit a Troy rear BUIS under the low version. I've looked at alot of pictures and it looks like it might work since the Troy is so low when folded. I'm thinking a lower cheekweld would be better on the XCR and I don't really want to buy a riser mount for my eotech.

Thank you for your help!
The issue was that the Dot on the EOtech wasn't centered in the magnifier. It was up towards the top. The normal mount puts it right where it needs to be.
Aziator, Thanks so much for answering my questions on this! I appriciate it.

When the Eotech dot wasn't centered in the magnifier, did you have any mount or riser under the eotech?

Thanks again!
I am shooting an EOtech 553 so it has the built in mount
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