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Latest report from John Farnam

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Just got this email, John had one of the first 6.8 XCRs.

16 Jan 08

6.8mm vs Wild Pigs!

Yesterday, here in Sunny south FL, I shot another wild pig with my Robinson

Arms XCR in 6.8mm. The rifle has a forward-mounted Micro-Aimpoint, my
Blue-Force Gear/Vickers sling, and I used Cor-Bon DPX ammunition.

Range was sixty meters. He was in tall grass, so I could only see the top
of him. First round was high, because I made the mistake of aiming at the
part I could see, not the center of the animal. The round passed through him,
just above the spine. He started running, right-to-left. My Aimpoint was
wonderful! I caught my link, tracked him into an open spot, held just below his
chin, and pressed off my second shot. It hit low in the chest, blowing his
heart to pieces, and exiting. The exit hole was an inch in diameter!

He ran for ten more meters, then turned around and ran back from where he
had just come. His rapid change in direction caught my be surprise, and my

third shot hit just behind him. He then tumbled and stopped. By the time
got to him five minuted later, he was DRT! He was a middle-aged male,
one-hundred pounds.

Once again, the 6.8mm demonstrated itself more than a match for these south

FL wild pigs! I'm more persuaded than ever that Aimpoint's
single aiming
point is superior to other, more complicated, reticles. The XCR is a superior
system! DPX performs in spades!

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