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Leupold CQ/T Mark 4

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Hello to all on the forum. I've been lurking for a wile now and think that on a hole that this a pretty good forum and everyone seams pretty helpful.

That said, on to my questions.
I've ordered my XCR and it should be hear in a couple of weeks. I'm considering the Leupold mark4 CQ/T for my optic and was wandering:
1. Dose anyone hear use it with their XCR? comments, openions.
2. Dose it co-witness with B.U.I.S.?

Thanks in advance.
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I don't recall seeing anyone running a cq/t around here, although I can offer a picture of someone from arf's setup...

I'd imagine it would be pretty marginal if you wanted to cowitness. Typically the mounting of these scopes makes cowitness unpractical if you want proper eye relief, and even if you can, the irons don't view through the scope very well. If you want an optic of this type, I would be more inclined to go with a k-dot, ior 1-4, nf 1-4, trijicon 1.25-4, or the leupy 1.5-5 mr/t.

Here prizm uses that ior, gr8santini uses the trijicon, and grey and tzoid use the mr/t if you'd wanna ask them about those.


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Thanks for the pics. That CQ/T looks like it sits pretty high in the Laure mount.

I will also check out the other sights you mentioned.

It looks to me that most folks are running either red dot or 1-4x optics of one brand or the other. I haven't had much experience w/ magnified optics but plenty w/ red dots and it seems that the CQ/t splits the difference. Ah, choices, choices.
The CQ/T looks higher than it really is. Of course, it's actually made for flattop AR15s, not the XCR, so it probably would be slightly tall for the XCR (like most things AR).

It's actually a pretty good scope and popular with the 3-gun crowd. I've played around with one a little bit. It has clear optics, a weird reticle color (it isn't daytime visible, like most scopes of this ilk), and is a bit like staring down a cigar tube. If it were a $500 scope, it might be worth a look, but it's more in the $800+ region and there are probably better choices. It isn't a red-dot replacement. None of these scopes are. The S&B comes closest, but at $2k it defines financially painful.

In a lot of ways, it just depends what you want. I like both red dots and the low mag variable scopes. One thing to think of, the cheekweld with the XCR and sights and mounts designed for the AR isn't the greatest. Red-dot sights deal with this better than magnified optics.
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I am going to use a Millet DMS-1 when I get my XCR it is a 1-4 power illuminated scope but it is in the $ 200.00 dollar range much better than the $ 800.00 + range. Check the optics section there have been some reviews of it there.
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