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Libertarians aren't that wild about Dr. Paul

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There was a blurb on NewsMax this morning to the effect that Libertarians aren't that wild about Dr. Paul according to an article in the Libertarian magazine (whose name I can't remember at the moment).
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There was a blurb on NewsMax this morning to the effect that Libertarians aren't that wild about Dr. Paul according to an article in the Libertarian magazine (whose name I can't remember at the moment).
Yeah, there is a vocal minority of Libertarians who are morons :eek:

Hey, I know a lot of "Libertarians" who don't even vote, not even for Ron Paul. They think RP is just as bad as the rest of the guys because of his religious beliefs or because he doesn't want to get rid of borders, etc.

I used to be a card carrying Libertarian and voted for Michael Badnarik when I was first able to vote. Then after sometime I got smarter and just became an independent. All parties corrupt in the end, no matter how good their intentions. I vote based on a candidates philosophical history, voting record and belief system. I could give a rats ass if they are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or what have you, if they match me on the issues they have my vote.
I do know one thing............ we vote in Hillary....... and life will be a bitch. :mad: I vote like you Lex, the individual that meets the most of my views gets my vote. :2cents:
I'm guessing that some of you guys got the chance to vote for Dr. Paul when he ran for president last - as a Libertarian. And yes, the party endorsed him. That was when I switched parties from Republicrat to Libertarian......

And just for the record, my voters registration has read "Libertarian" ever since, until a month or so ago - when it changed to "Republican". I changed it so I could vote in the primaries in my state - for Ron Paul.

If Dr. Paul doesn't get the nomination, I'll change it back to Libertarian. True, some Libertarians don't like Dr. Paul - but they're in the extreme minority 'cause they're like Lex said.
As with any party, there are arguments over issues of the party's philosophy. Often there is room for debate, other times there is not. As far as the libertarian philosophy goes, there is acceptable debate over topics like immigration and abortion. If you want to hear both sides of those issues I could explain them, but we can save that for another thread.

There are many who claim the title of libertarian who don't have a clue as to what the whole package means. As examples, you can't be both for the legalization of drugs but massive government involvement in everything else(ala bill maher), or have some libertarian free market views but support preemptive war and infringement of some personal freedoms(ala neil boortz and other 'beltway libertarians'). What I'm saying is that it is possible to have libertarian viewpoints on some matters, but not be a libertarian. As Lex said, there are also those who are so anti government that they refuse to take part in voting. These could be called anarcho-capitalists. I am pretty close to that point in some of my views, but also am pragmatic enough to realize that voting is the only means of affecting change at this point and helping to spread the message of liberty.

I really believe the libertarian philosophy is the most consistent outlook a person can have. Many people have those libertarian ideas I spoke of, but don't realize their views on other topics are inconsistent. If explained appropriately, many can take the idea of liberty to its logical conclusion and apply it to all aspects of life...

The most important part of libertarianism is the doctrine of non-initiation of force or coercion. If you're interested in getting an idea of what the philosophy is about, reading Rothbard and von Mises would be a good start. Rothbard's 'For a New Liberty' is basically the libertarian manifesto. Both were close friends and mentors to Ron Paul and were instrumental in forming his views today.
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An interesting article was posted on the mises.org website recently that's kind of relevant to the point that magikbullet brought up:

Are Libertarians "Anarchists"?
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