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Looking for velcro backed magazine carrier suggestions.

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On my first trip to the range with the XCR, I had to show it off to the kids working the counter. One commented "When you decide to put on an optic, you will want to flip the rifle around in the case, so that the optic is not toward the ground, so that it does not hit the ground if the case is dropped."

So, I finally bought and attached a Primary Arms SLX, flipped the rifle around, and the original metal 30 round mag wants more space than is available between the rifle and the bottom of the case. I'm thinking that it might be better to store the rifle in the case with a 10 round magazine in place, to keep debris out, and figure out a way to velcro the metal magazine to the inside of the case (since I filled the four pouches on the front of the case with pmags).

I'm thinking cloth, with either a good hold or a flap to hold the magazine in. Can't have the sticky velcro on the front or it will stick to the other side of the case.
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Yeah I have one of those big savior bags. I usually fold one rifle and shove it at one end, then fold the other and put it on the opposite end. No magazines.

Those PA optic mounts have Chinese screws, so you want to make sure you press it forward in the pic slot so the lug is engaging and not the screws. Don't over-tighten, maybe 17in/lb
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Well, it looks like Savior cases made one already. It leaves more exposed than I wanted, but I'm not seeing many alternatives for a single magazine holder. Two looks like the minimum from anyone else.

Chinese screws?
I noticed it was a torx head, instead of a hex.
I put it on with the vertical spacer, just like it came out of the box. Have not lock tited anything yet or put a death torque on it.
What I noticed was the on-off-light-level knob is stiff, and the diopter ring was so tight that I swore it should have taken a wrench to break it loose.
I thought the clamp would want to be centered without the screws touching the sides of the rail slot. But I should shove the clamp forward and tighten?
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