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M4 Sand Test

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Hey guys. I saw this on ar15.com.


With this link in there:


Any chance the XCR could be considered?

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I'm sure Alex is already trying to get the wheels in motion behind the scenes, but I know someone at AR15.com wrote a certain Senator about getting the masada considered. Doing the same for the XCR might be a good idea.

Though this is just a test, not full on trials. How valuable this test will be to Robinson is up for debate.
according to the article it doesnt appear that anyone like the masada, XCR or the like will be included. only H&K and FN.
I’ll bet that manufacturing capacity has something to do with who is selected to compete. I am not saying MagPul or RA can’t spool up but HK; FN & Colt are already knocking out product.

At the end of the day I really would like to see our service rifle built in the USA. We should not have to depend on a foreign government for our small arms. Unless HK builds a factory in the USA I would say stay with Colt, FNUSA or a relative new comer like MagPul or RA.
If they run a real test, the m4/M16 will fail miserably. I speak from experience. Specifically try boarding and exiting a UH60 while rotors are spinning anywhere in the desert!!! Or back of Bradley's and M113 w/rear hatch left open on a dusty road.
Just so ya'll have a picture in your mind what I am talking about:

Not my pics, but all I have experienced. Not just merely taking it out of the back seat and setting it down on a clean shooting bench under a shade.


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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