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OK, I was cleaning up the safe today and came across this lost Mag. I don't know what it goes to but it is .45 and just a tad to big to slide into a 1911. I was thinking one of the early Sig .45s that Browning imported back in the day. It is marked made in Spain on the bottom and looks to hold 8 rounds. I don't need it but can't sell it until I know what it goes to. Thanks guys.

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You don't have a pistol that it fits into?
Could be for a Llama or a Star pistol? :headscratch:
It certianly looks like a 1911 pistol mag??? ::)
Wont fit in the 4 1911s I have. I don't want to force it but it feels like it is a little wider than a 1911 mag. I have lots of gun stuff that don't own the gun for. My dad died when I was young so I have some stuff that I either don't have a gun for or don't know what it goes to. You should see my box of Bianchi leather I need to sell. Lots of nice leather for large frame revolvers.
I'd be thinking Llama Omni.

If nothing else, that'd be a good spot to start a search. I can't think of many more Spanish .45ACPs with single stacks that weren't 1911 clones or nearly so. The only others I can think of were double stack guns (Astra A80 and MegaStar).
I vote with Sloan, I owned a LLama.45 and it sure looks the same. Damn Man...... have you got GUNSIMERS...... where you loose track of your guns????? ;D ;D ;D
1911 I'd say
I have 4 different 1911s, doesn't fit.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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