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magnifier clone

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Mine arrived yesterday and the glass is pretty good and clear edge to edge.

I tried the twist mount and it was a little under an 1/8 too low for my setup. I had a second matching height burris 30 mm ring and it mounts perfect. I got it mounted and went to the range about 30 minutes before dark.

I shot a quick group at 25 yards and was rewarded with a ragged one hole group. I shot a total of two mags and it did very well in very low light out to 200 yards. I could not tell if I was getting hits at 250 or not--I could not hear them or I missed.

The heads on the steel targets are 6 x 6 and these were no problem at 100 yards.

I was also pleased that it had sat inside all day and no signs of foggy even though it was below freezing and snowing when I was shooting.

I've played with it some more tonight and have found that it seems to work better the closer it is to the optic. I have them set to wear it is touching the plastic of the scope cover and it is for all purposes one unit when mounted. It just seems a little crisper this way--but I am having trouble explaining it.

Eye relief is pretty tight and I don't think I would try it on a .308 as it will probably result in scope eye.

No aimpoint markings on it anywhere.

It does bring out the blue tint on My SPOT scope as I had never noticed it before but do with the magnifier. I am not sure if the mag is a full 3x but it looks to be real close.

Overall, right now, it seems well worth the $80 I spent so far. It will get used a lot and I'll see how it holds up.

I played with it some more today and when used as a handheld monocular the eye relief is around two inches. My problem came with it on the gun as I turned my head slightly to get behind the gun and it put the edge of the eye socket next to the nose too close for comfort. I figured I would try the factory stock over the CTR as the tube was smaller and low and behold it let me get a lot closer to the center of the gun. Using the magnifier is a whole lot more comfortable now.
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Hey man, where'd you get this clone? Got link? 8)
I got mine from Apex Tactical on Ebay. Type in 3x magnifier and you'll get a pretty good assortment of sellers, but I believe the product is the same.
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