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MagPul Masada/ FN SCAR

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OK I know this the XCR forum, but why not take note of other assault rifles soon to be on the market, these are the too big ones, that every one compares to the XCR. If some one stumbles across info regarding one of these they can post the info here, also post your feelings on the particular rifle, likes-dislikes, good things-bad things Flaws-inovations, try to kep it civil though with out throwing around cow poo about any particualr company... Ill start I found some neat recent pics of the Masada--http://demigodllc.com/photo/Magpul-Masada/ , seeing as how they keep so many parts interchangeable with the AR, Im suprised they dint keep the same grip and triger guard, interchange ability to acomadate the MAID,and enhanced trigger guard, instead it looks more like a G36 or XM8 lower... over all looks wise it looks like an updated G36 to me.
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Yeah, that does look awful H&K. I had the chance to liik over & fire an XCR BEFORE I bought. I wouldn't even consider a Masada unless I had the opportunity to shoot one. Time will tell. Looking forward to the XCR-M. :2cents:
One of the things I've heard that is innovative about the XCR is the location and function of the bolt catch. I don't know if this is truly an RA innovation or borrowed from somewhere else. Anyway, it looks to me like the Masada has a very similar setup.

It also has an ambi mag release, ambi-selector and a charging handle that can be flipped around for lefties. Is all this standard?
I think its all standard. The guns pretty and ugly both, it looks very fuctional though, I like the railless hand guard...
The only thing that concerns me about the Masada is the fact that you have a company making the "greatest gun since the M16" and they have never produced a firearm. Time will tell if they can support the demand they have created. I have also heard that the upper is the Serial # part which I dont particularly care for. Parts with lots of moving pieces in them tend to wear out over time.
Both the Masada and the G36 (XM8) ore both AR18 derivatives (so is the SCAR, for that matter). It's a pretty good system; superior to the AR15 in many ways.

I think the SCAR will be the one to watch in this coming year, but I don't think you'll find anything in this lot that you don't already have in the XCR. The SCAR is a bit easier (and supposedly cheaper) to change to major caliber, but other than that I don't see any real advantage over the XCR.

From a pure collecting standpoint, it might very well be a good year. Lots of new stuff coming.
I'm not sure about the SCAR being easier to switch calibers. From the video I saw, to change barrels you have to remove 6 allen headed bolts and then it takes a torque wrench to re tighten to preserve zero. I'll take loosening one captive screw with the XCR.

While the XCR is not inexpensive I would bet that anything SCAR is going to cost more.

Of the two, the Masada is the one that I want to add to my collection. I kinda like the way everything is removeable ala HK via pushpins and then I don't. All of the accessories on my HK are either way too tight or a little loose except for the fixed stock fits just right.

The thing that always gets me is why everyone raves about SCAR and Masada and not the XCR yet the XCR is available now in several calibers.
The SCAR's one advantage is you only have to swap out the magwell to go to major caliber. In the XCR, you have to have a wholly new gun-- since the lower (magwell) is the "gun"--to switch to major caliber.

Of course, if you don't care about .308, then the XCR has the SCAR well and truly flogged when it comes to ease of conversion.
On the Masada, isn't the upper the serialized part?
I believe the upper is the serialized part on both, which has its good and bad points I guess. I think the SCAR maximizes the possible benefits from that arrangement better than the Masada. I'll take the ability to shoot .223 and .308 from the same receiver before I'd take being able to swap lowers and use an AK mag, which, I guess a lot of people will like, but I don't find it particularly great. Switching from an AR to an AK mag? That is doing a major change in operation/manual of arms of the very same weapon. Doesn't sound like a good idea from a "muscle memory on how to operate the gun" standpoint. Even if it means relatively one-off mags, I believe I like the RA approach of keeping an AR style mag.

I hear the Masada has a lot of parts commonality with an AR, including the barrel, which I'd say is a nice feature. Aside from that though, Magpul has never made a rifle before, and I just can't get excited about the Masada, especially until it has some time in the field and proven that it actually works. The company has never made a firearm. That is really what gets me.

The SCAR, now that is a different story. I've never owned a factory FN rifle before, and would love the SCAR to be my first... I have every confidence that it will be a great rifle from day one. Only problem is, I expect it will cost $2500, and I don't know that I will be willing to pay that for a base rifle no matter what it is. If they price it in the $1500 range I'll be all over it.
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Plus, every single functional control of the SCAR is truly ambi adjustable. That is a nice feature if you're a lefty.
I'm a righty, who shoots rifle lefty. So anything with left-handed considerations is attractive to me. I'm eagerly awaiting the Masada. I'll use mine as the test dummy and let you know how it does if it's ever released. ;D Gonna take a lot to be better than my XCR though.
Everything I have seen on the FN SCAR shows it as two different receivers, a light and a heavy, to accomplish .223 and .308. The Cobb entry to the SCAR trials had switchable mag wells, but every FN has been two different guns. Now between the receivers there is 90% parts commonality, but then if we see an XCR-M, I would imagine the same will hold true.
Could have sworn I saw somewhere that the SCAR could swap calibers by swapping... well, just about everything but the receiver I guess, but that it was possible to do so (lower, barrel, bolt)... maybe that is incorrect. I've only seen them in videos.
I joined this forum because I was interested in purchasing an XCR and wanted to know more. The XCR is an interesting example of different approach to the 223 piston platform. I have learned that there are shortcomings however, bolt on ejector???, and seemingly continual upgrades. All in all, not a bad alternate to the AR15 platform if a little pricey and not off the list yet.
The Masada looks good, I hope they can get it running and in production in the timeframe they're talking about. I suspect that when they hit the market, they'll be in the 2000-2500 range also.
I've seen the videos of the SCAR-L and believe the gun is, like the FS2000, an innovative and well thought out system. FN has been making some of the best, most respected military firearms in the world for the last 60 years plus they have the facilities and the financial ability to bring the SCAR to the civilian market before the end of the year. I also believe that it will be in the 2000-2500 range. That being the case, I'll hold out for the SCAR unless Inaguration Day starts getting too close. In that case, I think we all had better take a look around for what we "can't live without"
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Gopher - read the whole site. What you see are honest IN-THE-FIELD reports of XCR owners, many of whom are not shy about beating them unmercifully. Ejector bolts are a non-problem. Break-in problems are also a non-issue. Trigger sucks but it's an easy $49 fix. The Masada or SCAR FN on the other hand - well there is no other hand, they are vapor ware at this point.
I am really looking forward to the Masada rifle. I believe MagPul is sticking to their previous estimate as $1,400 for the rifle. Not bad, might be a grand under the SCAR when all is said and done.
I hope to pick up one (or three) as soon as they are available. I will mostly likely grap a XCR before then to hold me over.......though I do check in daily for updates on the XCR-M as well.

If I remember correctly, MagPul has had a firing prototype for over a year now and has really been working the protos over. I believe, and we will see for certain, that they realize as their first firearm this thing has got to be perfectly functional from the get go, no excuses or else no one will ever take them seriously as a weapon manufacturer.

The ejector botls are a non issue to me. Locktite or check them ever time you clean the gun. Even with checking ever bolt during cleaning, it takes me less time to clean/check my XCR than it does to clean an AR.

The XCR eats everything and the new gas valve is sweet. While it is an upgrade, I believe it was do to customer demand not a problem with the original.

I have shot mine from close to zero degrees to above 100, in rain, snow, blowing winds, after fields exercises where it got drug through the woods and our quarry range and it keeps on ticking.

If you like the featrues of the XCR grab one, they are a very versatile, reliable gun. As accurate as my 14.5 inch light barrel is, I would like to try the 18 inch heavy with some match ammo. I am pretty confident that it will deliver some impressive groups.
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