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Magpul rail covers...

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I got a "great" deal on a set of Magpul rail covers at the SAR show Saturday but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get them onto the rails! They won't slide on and they aren't flexible enough for me to set one side in place and then flex them over and around the rail. My thumbs are killing me from the effort thus far. Someone tell me what I'm doing wrong so that my self esteem can recover. Little bits of plastic are winning...
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set one side in place and then flex them over and around the rail
You got it - hook it over one side of the rail, then push and "roll" it over the other. They're tough, but work well.
I don't know how many more ways I can try that but I'll give it another go. The best I've managed is to get a rail halfway on. Grrr...
Thanks for the reply.
Use a hair dryer or put them in hot water, then while still as hot as you can handle slip them
over the rail. Start with one whole side in place then work from one end to the other on the
other side of the rail. Hope this helps.
No No No.

Simple to install.

Take a coat hanger > cut about a 6-8 inch piece, fold about 3 inches for a handle/leverage on the other 'business' end crimp a 1/8" ~1/4" 90~95 degree (hook).
Put one side on the rail and use the new tool to pull the other side over the other part of the rail.

I used this method and they were on in no time.

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Yeah, I had a lot of fun getting mine on, what I did is hook one side then use tweezers or a knife to grab it one the other side and wedge it over the metal rail knob and did it on at a time all the way across. Now I can do it with no tools.
Flathead scewdriver works also. Put one side on, place scewdriver tip on corner of cover, apply downward pressure on cover, lift lip of cover with scewdrive (over rail), slide scewdriver down length of cover.
I don't know why but they suddenly decided to pop right on. Kind of them, I thought.

Look and feel great. As soon as my sights are in place I'll snap the required pics.

Thanks for the tips, all.
The covers are slightly convex so hooking one side over the rail, then pushing on the middle of the width of the rail while simultaneously pulling up on the other side will help them slip right on. As stated before, start at one end and work your way to the other. I don't like the coat hanger or screw driver tricks because they scratch the anodized coating on the rails.
SigsRule, I cannot tell you how much time your post saved me.

Glad to help. Others have helped me out with replacing the flash hiders and gas blocks. Lots of good info on this site.
Those falcon rail covers we put on the guns here in the shop are a real pain in my tootie. After putting on 25 or more in a day, my thumbs are in absolute agony. One time I microwaved a couple of tough ones. ;D Worked great!
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