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Magpul Rocks...

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their customer service that is. I don't know if any of you have had any dealings with them, but every time I call they are courteous and pleasant on the the phone. In fact a few days ago I called tech service, didn't leave a message and they still called me back and asked how they could help me (wicked caller ID as I called from my cell and he quoted my name). That completely blew me away. I've made at least 15 calls to them for various questions etc. and it's been consistent; Great customer service. An example for all companies.
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That is good to hear. I ordered some Magpul gear to go with my yet to be minted XCR, it sounds like I made the right choice even though it was only PMags and rail covers.

Stories about Springfield Armory's customer service like the one posted here http://www.1911forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=174946 made my choice easy when I went looking for a 1911.

Cliff notes:
Guy picks up GI model from dealer, 20 minutes later has a mishap...

$150 later:
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MagPul Really Rocks,

I too had cause to call MagPul with some questions about their new UBR stock. The woman who answered the phone said that she wasn't in a position to answer these questions, but put my call through to Tech Support. The line was busy, and I thought "I can't sit here wasting my time leaving a message" so I didn't.

30 seconds after hanging up the phone, a Tech Rep. called me back and asked for me by name. He was very helpful and said that he would answer all the questions that he was allowed to answer. The only one he backed away from was the release date for the Clear/smoked PMags.

Ok, the UBR stock "should be released in October". He said that not me! But I know I want one!

I forgot to ask him when they are releasing the 7.62x39 AR type mags! ::)

Be safe!
off the topic of Magpul... but UPS customer service is horrible. I'm still embittered towards them...

But yes, Magpul is always a pleasure to work with.
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