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Make your own $7.11

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Go to www.strapworks.com click on field Specific/Tactical Products. AR-15 Sling $7.11 (kit, everything you need) I didn't use this kit but bought enough materal to custom make 4 slings at about $10.00 a sling.
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Thanks, for the link.
TEXAS SOFTAIL, you da man!!!!!

I don't know how many times I've been searching the web to include numerous gun forums searching for some info on webbing sold by the foot and 1 1/4 inch stuff.

I bougth the 1 1/2" black heavyweight polyproylene webbing & nick nacks to make a copy of the sling I liked. Looks like a $40.00 silng for $10.00!
This web site is a treasure chest for sure!

If only I could sew!

I recommend this site for people interested in making your own and saving a few $$$
I did't know how to sew. But I bought the speedy stitcher sewing awl & the instructions were real easy. The only problem I had was making a straight line with my stitch. The stitching materal is a tan color & my webbing is black, so I took a black permanent maker & colored it after I made my stitchs. Camoed right in.
Cool! I am impressed with theri selection of metal and plastic snaps and buckles.
Well made materals & good prices.
For those that don't have the means or skill to sew you can "tack" your rig together the way you want with just a few stitches then take it to an upolstery shop or somewhere else that has an industrial sewing machine and get a professional job in about done in about five minutes pretty cheap.
I went to www.strapworks.com and I am trying to decide which material would be better for a sling. I priced it out and to build the new sling that you can't get from Magpul right now it would be under $18.00 including shipping, that is with polyester webbing. I am also on the fence about the width(1", 1 1/4" or 1 1/2").

Any thoughts?
Nice site! I don't care for the Tac sling but everything I need to make a standard two point is there. There should be plenty of webbing left over for other projects. It appears I will have find the snap ring to attach it to the rear of my XCR receiver. Any ideas?

SheepDog :2rifle:
I answered my own question. As I went to the next thread it mentioned DSG arms. They have the H&K hooks in coyote brown. It looks like I can put a nice sling together for about $12.

SheepDog :2rifle:
Terra could make a Pink sling!
The wider the strap, the less it will cut into your shoulder without adding a pad.
seek out the ITW/NEXUS buckles and fasteners. they are top of the line and build better than most of the other stuff out there.
Just found this site! Ordering today. :rockon:

Let us know how it turns out.
Thanks for the link

I like plain ole USGI slings, but I would prefer them longer so I can sling the gun accross my chest. Each sling will only cost me $3.

This right here is perfect! Only 50 cents per foot.

With these Strap Adjusters only 50 cents each too!
EC- you ned to find new USGI M4 slings. They are looooong. I guess for body armor or what not. We got some a little while ago and we thought they were mismarked tow straps!
Thanks for the tip M118, 39" is long enough, and only $4 each.

All you guys can have those $80 slings

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