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It all started with the discovery of fire.  Waaaaayyy back when Ungh burned his fingers after a recent forest fire noting that they kinda tasted good when sucking on them, it also felt warm and gave light.

Many other inventions and discoveries followed.  The wheel, agriculture, the boat, modern architecture, electricity, the light bulb, polio vaccine, the internet.

On the day of our lord, the ninth day of December, 2008, man has brought forth yet another great leap for for it's species.

From Noveske Rifleworks...

Surprise, cock ***!

Team America:World Police, Chris surprisingly adverts certain death by launching a trap door ramp, which was concealed in the hood of Chris's H2 Hummer, sending the terrorist, driving a jeep loaded with explosives head on, flying through the air and detonating upon impacting the Spynx and destroying it.

See it

Movie quotes, about half way down.

I know it's for the hated AR/M4, but I'm getting one for my issued M4 anyways.
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