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A couple ships out in the open is exactly as Condi says, really nothing to worry about...

What has been - and remains a real world concern, are the Soviet nuclear submarines that are armed with a SHIT LOAD of ICBM's - and that routinely travel the deep waters off of the US (and other countries) coasts, especially the deep north Atlantic. Remember The Hunt for Red October? There were a lot of factual aspects to that movie (way beyond the Hollywood dramtics and corny plot).

This is but one reason why the US Navy has various squadrons of P3's and other tracking systems in a constant state of awareness.

PAVE PAWS is but another method of ICBM detection... but if it comes to that, well - we're pretty much screwed anyway... but getting back to reality...

I had a job in a former life where every day I would "Load the boats" - which is where we would track positions of all the Soviet submarines and their ICBM payloads.

When we would run the war game scenarios and simulate multiple ICBM launches and subsequent multiple large scale Nuclear Detonations (NUDET's) - there was no place on Earth that was safe - except for in the skies - which is why we have such magnificent programs such as the E4B/NAOC (formerly NEACP).

Why it make me all tingly inside just to think about that stuff...

Dang - I miss those days... ;D
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