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Meet Satchel, The company Mascot.

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Thought I'd have some fun with the camera.... This is Satchel, our company mascot. (he's really Chuck and Margarita's dog, but ah... we've all adopted him.)

Hold still, dude!

Alex may be manufacturing guns, but he's really soft on the inside.

Me and Satch are dating... ;)

Curtis loves little doggies...

Watch out, Michael! He's going to eat your face!

The proud slave... I mean, owner, and his dog.

Proof that Ty is a softie!!! HAHAHA!

Margarita, the only person Satchel listens to...
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Very cute!
Very Cute indeed, and it's very good to meet you all face to face!
That's a nice lookin' guard you have there...... Quit playin' with the pooch and get back to work on the 6.8 barrels. Just jokin'. Jack
At least its not a cat :p
Hey! i have two of those! :mad: ;)
FOR GOD"S sake. At least it's NOT a bird. Or in my mom's case, about 250 of them.
i had a pair of cockatiels. left them with my family when i moved out. :(
I quit counting the # of finches & cockatiels my mom has. :(
Thanks, for sharing the pics.
Hey! i have two of those! :mad: ;)
We have three cats. I like one, one is an anoying jerk but very endearing, the other one is a buzz box and impossible to resist (some isues as he was turned out by original owners for 3 months, a fearless counter cruiser). Two is the normal carrying limit.
Thanks, for sharing. Nice pics.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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