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MI BUIS set up question

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I understand how to set up the MI BUIS for wind and elevation. In pictures, it looks like most people have their front site all the way forward, and the rear all the way back. Probably dumb question, but I have not had BUIS site like this before.

For the sight picture, do you just center the front in the circle so there is the same space around the circle, or do you move the front site backward until the circles almost meet one another.

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Ignore the circle on the front sight. It is there to keep the post from getting bent.

Sighting is done by centering the top of the post in the rear sights circle.
You eyes and brain will do this automatically.

I sometimes use a wall clock to verify. Stand where the clock fits just inside the rear sight. Shoulder the gun focusing on the front sight aiming for the center of the clock.
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