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Military M855 round to be replaced in 2009

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The current M855 round used by the military is slated to be replaced by a new lead free M855 LFS round. The ATK/Lake City developed projectile uses a bismuth-tin core and will feature reduced flash, increased velocity, and better aerodynamics. The new M855 LFS projectile does not use a FMJ construction. Unlike current M855, the dark grey steel penetrator of the new M855 LFS extends THROUGH the jacket nose

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Maybe this is why there is a shortage of 5.56 ammo, they are slowing down production of M855 so they can gear up to make this.
Source of information please.
Does this mean the Air Force will finally stop using AA40 from Federal? The last entity in DoD to still be using it. Oh happy days. :D
Yuck, the black tip doesn't look evenly bonded to the copper jacket behind it. I wonder if thet helps or hinders drag.

It's mentioned in SOCNET and the ARMY times.

Mind you the idea of a flash suppresent is nice, I could switch to a pure muzzlebreak to get more control.

Here is an interesting presentation on Military direct fire munistions form May 2008, http://www.dtic.mil/ndia/2008Intl/Grassano.pdf
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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