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Another good reason that the war between the states was fought, was
for the commodity exchange. We were a fully independent nation,
producing everything any nation would ever need to be great.
That argument no longer exist. The only reason any of us are kept
around is to enable the government to grow. We are just tax paying

I'm sure all of you had a big fat party when the USSR collapsed. I'm
not saying the the collaps of the USA would be a good thing. But it is
inevitable. I love my country, my home, my people. The best people
on the planet.
For hundreds of years brave and desperate people left their homes in search
of something better, we are the product of that gene pool. Thats why
all American's still want something better, for us, our children and our children's'
What is the next stage in the evolution of our country? I don't know.
But it will be very interesting to see.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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