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Mother of God, a 1911 that takes glock mags

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One of the most interesting products that debuted at SHOT Show 2023 was Stealth Arms’ double-stack Platypus. Based on the 1911 platform, this pistol is completely compatible with Glock 17 magazines.

Yes, you read that right. You can now run a flush sitting 17-round OEM Glock mag out of a 1911. Or a 33-round factory magazine. Or even a drum mag if you so desire. Maybe use all of them just because you can!

Taking nearly complete control of the manufacturing of the Platypus, Stealth Arms makes everything in-house for these pistols except the springs and pins. They also offer one of the easiest user interfaces for piecing together custom guns which only have a lead time of 1-2 weeks.

So first and foremost, the Platypus runs on Glock mags. Have I mentioned that yet? Due to the length of the magwell, they will need to be Glock 17 mags to sit and feed correctly.

Stealth arms mentioned that while they only have 9mm double-stack 1911s available at the moment, they may eventually offer .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .357 Sig, and 10mm.

33-round Glock mag seated in the frame of the Platypus.
Stealth Arms takes pride in its in-house manufacturing capabilities and boasts that everything they make is machined down from the highest quality billet to ensure superior quality and a perfect fit.

Slide assembly beside the frame.
To make a unique gun even more distinctive, Stealth Arms uses one of the coolest gun builder tabs I have ever seen. All you need to do is go to their website, click on the gun you are interested in, click “customize,” and then select any option you so desire.

Not only can you choose different slides, frames, grips, barrels, and triggers, but you can also select custom paint jobs for nearly every individual component. As you are making these selections, they are displayed in real-time with the interactive builder on their website to show you exactly how the finished pistol is going to look.

Just click the options you prefer, and watch the gun change in real-time to reflect the changes
Guns can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted up and down to see everything clearly.
The Stealth Arms Platypus is available and shipping now. It has an MSRP starting at $1,500 but can go up from there depending on the options chosen in the custom builder tab.

During SHOT Show, there was only a 1-2 week lead time for all custom orders. To learn more about the Stealth Arms’ Platypus or to try out their custom gun builder tool, click HERE.
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The biggest con to me is that 1911 slides really can’t be milled correctly to mount an RMR. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever run a hand gun without a red dot ever again.
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