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XCR Members here is your chance to own the Best Hearing Protection Available

I have worked with a Dealer to get the best deal possible on MSA Sordin Supreme Pro's

Contact Ted if you're interested and Tell him Tzoid sent you !!

I fully endorse this seller and anyone from SigForum knows him as zeroskills

Product Information
MSA/Sordin's top model. Provides optimum protection with high amplification, AUXinput and watertight battery compartment. Both earmuffs are shaped to suit both right-handed and left-handed shots.
- Two separate, well-shielded microphones for optimum stereo effect andlocation of sound direction
- High amplification and natural sound reproduction without "chopping"
- Around 300 hours battery life with two standard AAA batteries
- AUX input for connecting external audio sources, such as a radio. Lead with3.5 mm mono jack plug included

Group Buy Price is $205 + $6 shipping.

Call or email to get in on this buy.
Ted Goodridge
TNG Hardware
[email protected]
469-362-8720 DFW Area
877-362-8720 Toll Free
469-362-8730 Fax
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Ted is a good guy and is a well known dealer on Sig Forum (but don't let that scare you of! ;D )

He is also a member of this forum but we havn't seen him for a while.

Again, he is one of the good guys and you can deal with him with confidence.

Tell him Roy @ Aussie Arms said "Good day"

OK, now that makes perfect sense. The muffs I've been wanting to buy for the last year..... you get a group buy now.

I'd LOVE to go in on these, and that's a GREAT price on 'em too! But this month I spent $430 for a knife (well, one for me, one for my kid) and ordered another XCR. The worst of it is I can't even say that next month will be better - that's the SHOT show, so there's another $400 or so gone.

Now tell me you're going to get a group buy on HK 416 magazines (GRIN). Save me some dough on a 'scheduled purchase' ;D
Ted is an awesome seller and a friend..

Here is a pic.

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Thanks for the kind words gents!! My forum time has been eaten up by other stuff lately, so I haven't been able to get around much.

So I'm dropping in to say the buy is on--I've got verbal commitments that surpass the minimum, so we're good to go.

If you can't make it in this buy, contact me when you're ready--I usually order some extras with group buys.
TNG Hardware
469-362-8720 DFW Area
877-362-8720 Toll Free
469-362-8730 Fax
I've been wanting these for a while as well. I thought I remember them being close to 300 bucks normally? Sounds like a great price, I think I'm in. Which is preferred between a call or an email to sign up?
My order's in. Thanks Tzoid for setting it up.
Another happy Ted (zeroskillz) customer here. He is a great guy to deal with. I got in on his eotech group buy on SigForum. I'd get in on this but I'm already set up with hearing.
Check out this Military catalog from Sordin

These are the Heat !!

looks like a cool gb tzoid...

I have been thinking about picking up my first pair of electronic muffs but I dunno if I want to spend that much. I was thinking about something like the peltor 6s or 7s.
Just got my order in! Thanks guys. Sounds like they will ship pretty quick as well.
Just remember on electronic muffs you get what you pay for. So if you go real cheap don't expect to be impressed.
I see the "aux input" keeps being mentioned as a feature on these things, and that it works with a "radio", which I presume is a feature advertized in terms of its usefulness in a military type application... I just want to clear something up (I'm still buying them either way; just curious)... can I plug an Ipod/other music device into these things? *And* turn off the microphones/amplification at the same time? That would be nice. :) They could double as "Bose quiet comfort headphones" on long plane rides. :D
I have never tried using mine with my Ipod...

I guess I could try it and let ya know...
I understood that you can indeed use a music source but not sure if it would work with them turned off.
Based on what it says on the website, the MSA phones don't cancel noise, they just try to limit it to 85db by clipping or other means. The Bose, which I have by the way, actually cancel noise and don't have any amplification. I have to remove the Bose from one ear to hear flight attendants asking me what I want to drink, exactly the opposite intent of the MSA.
Yeah, the Pro Ears I have cut all sound above a certain DB but amplify other sounds that are not considered harmful.

I don't know lots of people that shoot while listening to music but I sometimes do and find it relaxing.
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