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My Aussie/Robinson is great thread.

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So I was on the short time for going to Ft. Benning for some training (BOLC II and IOBC follwed by Ranger(maybe)). I decided for my Christmas present to be an XCR-L. I checked out this board and read some of the results of various people posted a WTB used and then decided to buy a new rifle (first one ever).

I message Aussie and he tells me to look at the robinson website and decide on what options I'm looking for. I decide on an 18 inch barrel in 5.56, smith v flash suppressor, and vltor stock. I only had 2.5 weeks before I had to report and wanted to get as much shooting in as I could.

Aussie told me the status of the 18 inch barrels and that there were only a few and that they might not pass the pressure tests and It might take weeks before there are new ones in. I tell him to check if they have any other calibers in 18 and when they might be able to get my rifle to me. Aussie says they are backed up and won't be there for weeks. I don't mention might be interested in a shorter barrel length and think I might have said I'll wait for the longer barrel because its what I want.

A day goes by and the idea of not getting to shoot my rifle before I end up at Benning and send Shrewberry a message asking what they have in stock ready to go. She says they have some 16 heavys ready to go soon.

Aussie messages me saying he talked to Terra and that I can get the 16 inch barrel if I want but to be sure its the rifle I want and that I'm not settling. I say I just want something to shot and that I'll get the loner barrel length when I get a conversion kit lime the 6.5. He says alright he'll get it out to your FFL as soon as he can.

A day goes by and Terra drops me a line saying they collapsable stock is out of stock and that they will be happy to send me a folder if I will send it back when I get the collapsable one in the mail. I say go for it. Aussie sends me a message to verify and let me know that since I went with a different set up I have a credit and he asks what I want. I say a pistol grip with palm rest.

Unfortunately I have good taste and the one I wanted is out of stock. Aussie asks if I want to wait or take a different one. I pick out a ergonomic one. Two days later Aussie sends me a message saying he found a good one with a palm rest and ergo grip like I like.

I say if you ordered the other one don't worry either one will work. Aussie says no your going to get the one you want and that it doesn't matter if it has been ordered already. So I get the ergo palm rest grip.

I've put about 500 or so rounds through my and really enjoyed shooting it. Aussie and Terra both went out of their way to get me my rifle as soon as they could and that I got what I want.

I would have put this out earlier but I've been pretty busy getting down to Ft. Benning and starting this program. A broken leg gave me some time to get caught up on some past due projects.


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1st Get Well soon..

Terra and Roy are both excellent human beings and they really get the idea of customer service.

Thanks for posting your experience.
Roy's a faker. I'm way nicer. ;) ;D
Thanks for posting and welcome Tex. They are both great people to work with and you will enjoy your XCR.

So what was your commissioning source?? I visited my buddy at IOBC when i was at AVOBC, he looked ragged. He lost like 50 lbs while there, rucking every morning...
I commissioned through Texas OCS. It was the most miserable experience of my military career. We graduated 22 of the 76 candidates. Benning has been nice. Though that might be since I'm an officer now. I really liked being a medic though.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Aussie or Robinson to anyone.

Thank you for your kind words, and I'm so pleased you are happy with your new XCR. I am sorry to hear about your leg, get plenty of rest and get well soon so you can shoot your rifle some more!

As for Terra,

quit Terraizing me, and everyone knows I way nicer than you! I don't threaten to poke people's eyes out with sticks! :p


Tex, you can thank Terra for speeding up the delivery of your rifle. All I can do is annoy the hell out of her until she does something ;D
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Tex, Welcome to the forum. You picked a good time of the year for Benning. July - Late September is unGodly Hot. There is a trove of information on this site. Enjoy your XCR, it's a great rifle. :2cents:
How about Jump training in July? I hated those outdoor showers!
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