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My first XCR

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This is my first XCR. I have not shot it yet. My buddy is coming home on leave this week and I'll shoot it when we take all our new toys out. Hopefully it functions as well as I've heard. I have been searching for a rifle as reliable as my Sigs and the XCR was the next on my list after I eliminated the AR.

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Looks great. Be sure to let us know how it shoots. What scope is that? It looks perfectly proportioned on the rifle.
Ooh... It looks like a merman! :eek: ;D

I love that. Of course, mine would be done in pink and baby blue... But yours is cool I guess. :p
Welcome to the forum. Nice "snow" pattern 'flage. :2cents:
Different, did you buy it with that paint job? Oh buy the way WELCOME.
The scope is an ATN 5x33l. I had to remove the rear BUIS and move the scope back so I could properly see through it without putting my face forward of the rear of the receiver.

I bought the rifle exactly as it is. The guy I bought it from did the Duracoat job and put all the toys on it. I think he did an excellent job.
Looks like a snake skin pattern of some sort?
Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your rifle. It is definetely one of the more interesting finishing schemes I have seen...
Way cool! 8)

Welcome to the fold Walther.
Congrats, Walther, you're featured on the web page. :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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