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My friends dad talks about his new XCR

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I ran 150 rounds of 5 different flavors of ammo and 5 different makes of magazines through my XCR. and It functlioned flawlessly. It threw the brass from 6 to 62 feet with the gas port set on 4. The Austrian Hurtenberter ammo was the hottest. I shot 4 groups of less than 0.25 in. at 50 yds. Using my Eotech dot sight. I will next run it with a Scope on it at 100 yds. to see what I can get for accuracy. I think it will be around 1.00 in. With the right ammo.

This is the sweetest military type piece I have ever shot. There is absolutely nothing functional I do not like. I think it is the perfect piece for me. I am thinking about selling my AR-15 and getting another XCR. In my opinion it beats the AR types hands down.

It looks like Robinson took the best attributes of the AK, FN, and AR and made one hell of a fine fighting piece. If our military does not pick up on this piece they are out to lunch!

Old man K.
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Re: My friends dad talks about his nex XCR

Interesting, I haven't tried that yet as I don't have a new gas block to go with the new system that came with the 6.8 conversion...
This is confusing. Are you saying you got a 6.8 conversion kit and it didn't come with the new gas block and piston head?
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