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Good thing the Ar15/M16 was flawless when it first came out.... NOT!!!

Talk about a gun with issues... Half the cool products out for the Ar15 are to fix Minor problems with the Ar15. Plus look at all the small parts that need to be replaced on it to keep it running. Military says an Ar15/M16 bolt should be replaced every 10k(more often on short barreled versions). And dont forget about gas rings and extractor springs.

Don't get me wrong I have 2 SBR Ar15's and love them... I accept them with the faults they have and keep lots of spare parts around. No rifle is perfect but the XCR comes very close!!!

Note: another Ar15 invention to cure a problem by a good friend of mine.

John Noveske's Switch block with 3 gas settings to cure over gassing on an Ar15 with a can.
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