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My time with the XCR

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Ive only had my XCR for several months now, but only had the opportunity to put 500rds through, winchester white box 55grain, I bought it before I read the recomended ammunition to break it in. The gun only failed to eject the shell twice and once it did not chamber the round all the way. All easy to fix. Im not new to guns Ive been buying them since I was old enough to work, Ive got a Walther P1, an Walther P99QA, a CZ75, mosin nagont, Ruger 10/22 & my XCR. I only bought these guns I dont really own them :eek:. I live out in the middle of no where, a town of less then a thousand inhabitance and 60 miles before any other city so Ive got a lot of county side to roam, my XCR is a million times better to pack around over a mosin nagont, and it leaves more then bloody ribbons of the prairie dog, plus it dosent knock me on my bum. For me a shooting range is any where out of town boundries, off privite property, my targets are soda cans, rotten fruit, rocks or what ever else I can find. With in its 500rd life its been fired very rapidly, covered in cow crap and sand, unlubed and kept up its hard ass personality. By god its a pleasure to shoot, it always seems to put the bullet right where I want it. Any male who complains about the weight who isnt in the millitary or law enforcement wairing a ton or kavlare and ammunition packing it on their patrol is a freaking wuss who should die, or just shut up. Jeez I sound like a real ******* after rereading this, in all honesty Ive only ever shot 3 prairie dogs, and I always have a legal adultwith me when I shoot and well the cow crap and sand incident was an accident not a country folk touture test, though I did fire it like that, but cleaned and lubed it when I got home. Im very careful where point my gun and place my bullets. I do know proper range procedure. The XCR is not a range gun though ranges are boring any ways. I dont know what grouping mine gets but I can tell you it will hit a key lime at the length of 9 1/2 cows, jk about 50 feet. That was the same day it fell in cow poo and sand the cow poo was on rail covers and the sand was, well every where.
I really think this is a great gun makes me proud to live in Utah, probly the only thing.
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I want pics of the xcr covered in poo or it didn't happen :p :p :D
Yea, this will now be my priority list, fix camera re-cover gun in poo take pictures post pictures and admire pictures.
cleaning is my only obejction to this plan. Thinking back it probly would have made a good desktop back ground :) .
I find that baby wipes work pretty well when it comes to cleaning anything covered in poo.
No I dint shoot a cow or crow the rifle was leaning against the car while I loaded the magazine, then I turned around and it was must have fallen over becuse it was on its side in a pile of fresh cow poo, so I picked it up, with cow poo all over the rails & rail covers, I had just goten out so I dint want to take it back and clean it so I took a stick & scrapped what I could off. Big big big fine and probly jail time for killing some ones cow, and I think crows are birds of prey and illegal to shoot as well. maby the law would be more leanent with a minor...
Crow's are not a bird of prey & you can shoot all the crow's you want in Texas. People with pecan orchards hate them for they will hurt there crop.
Your right crows big black scavengers, I was thinking of ravens, both big black birds but of a differnt nature, both live in utah. :D
Crow's are not a bird of prey & you can shoot all the crow's you want in Texas. People with pecan orchards hate them for they will hurt there crop.
It's hard to believe but crows are protected in Wisconsin! Shooting them is a big no-no. Woodchucks are protected too. It's interesting finding out what differences there are in hunting from state to state.
I'm glad the poo loves your gun, too. :D
"too" huh? dose this mean you got one of yours coverd in poo also?
Not an XCR... But back when I had my SKS, I may have dropped it in horse doodie... :(
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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