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I went to my first carbine class last week and had a blast. We shot about 480 rnds of wolf and I had no gun malfunctions. I did have one round of wolf go pfffft instead of boom, when I looked at the bad round the primer had blown out and exposed a primer pocket with no hole in it. ??? There was one guy there with a brand new POF AR-15 that kept jamming up so hard he had to butt stroke the weapon to clear it. There was 1 AK and the rest of the guns were AR-15's. The guy's with the AR's got a lot more practice with the tap,rack,bang drills than I got ;D. I had an EOtech holo sight and a vertical foregrip on the gun and they both helped with fast and controllable fire. One thing I didn't like was using a single point sling. I could not adjust the sling tight enough and sometimes when I let the gun hang the charging handle would bang me in the berries :eek:. The charging handle was great for clearing double feed malfunctions(which had to be induced with dummy rounds) the guy's with AR's had to take their hands of the pistol grip to manipulate the charging handle while I could keep my hand and gun in firing position the whole time. One thing I thought was strange was that nobody there new what an XCR was, they kept calling it a sig :duh:.
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