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My XCR buying process.

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So I've started my XCR buying process.

Being a lefty, I will probably have some "special requirements" for my rifle from the factory. So, I've decided to order direct from Robinson through my local FFL. I don't mind the wait. Gives me time to buy parts, and the anticipation never hurt anyone. :)

I've been wanting to find out about the availability of an ambi selector. I emailed Terra at Robinson on August 1. She replied back today, and said sure, I could get a "selector" with the rifle. Didn't specify ambi, so I'm still a little in the dark as far as that goes. I guess I should call them soon.

My other question pertains to the stock... I hear there is a new "SCAR" stock in the works. Does anyone know the word on that, or if it is going to be worth waiting for? I assume it should retrofit to the existing rifles as well?

Yesterday I ordered a set of rail covers, vertical forgrip, MIAD grip, and a Troy rear sight (I already have an extra Troy front sight that I plan to put on there), which will all go on the XCR one day. Eventually I will run an Aimpoint, but would like to shoot it with irons for a while first.

Just getting started, but thats half the fun, isn't it?
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I just got another email back from Terra confirming that they do, in fact, have ambi selectors available and shipping at this time. So, that takes care of that.
Thanks for posting this, my wife is a lefty so this is definitely useful enough if she decides to get an XCR. What other things are different on the lefty version? Is it a completely mirror image? Is the charge handle also on the opposite side?
To the best of my knowledge, they have the ambi selector available, and maybe an ambi mag catch button also. I remember that being mentioned early on. Not sure if it ever came to fuition. I will try to remember to ask them about that when I get a chance to call them.

If I remember correctly, all the bolt catches are ambi? Can someone confirm that?

Thats it as far as I know. I've never heard anything to indicate they are going to make a mirrored left version, with, say, left side ejection and right side charging handle. Even as a lefty, I've never been drawn to those type rifles, as I see them as too non-standard from the normal ones. I also would bet that parts availablily and resale would be lower than the normal version (speaking of lefty AR15s, etc).
My wife has a lefty Remington 700 which is a complete mirror image of the right handed version. She loves it.
None of my three XCR's came with a ambi-safety nor an ambi-mag release (most recent purchased new this summer) so if either is available it must be brand new.
Ambi Safety and Mag release are avaliable as an optional extra on the XCR. Most XCR's that are purchased for sale as an over the counter item will not have these options as most people don't want them. When you order from a dealer to have a rifle built for you it takes about 2 weeks but you know that you are getting exactly what you want and that it is the latest model/variant avaliable.

Well here is the first picture of my XCR:

Its a work in progress. :)

Doesn't look like $370 worth of stuff, does it?
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No, it couldn't be worth more than $369.

Seriously, what ran the price up? It's hard to tell from the picture what the two small things are.
Troy front (120)
Troy rear (140)
MIAD basic (35)
magazine (10)
VFG (25)
Magpul panels (3x12 = 36)

Throw in some shipping. Adds up quick :(

I will probably change the foregrip out for a slightly smaller KAC version before its all said and done. I'm trying to buy a couple more of those now.
Ah yes! Troy BUIS. I have a set of those on my XCR, just couldn't make out what they were in your pics.

There's good news and bad news for you. The bad news is it only gets worse from here. The good news is there's all kinds of neat things you just gotta have for you XCR, including a big brother.

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Well here is the first picture of my XCR:

Its a work in progress. :)

Doesn't look like 0 worth of stuff, does it?
LOL!! Dude that is too funny! That's one of the best XCR photos I have ever seen.
The MIAD really is great. I prefer the feel of the old HK grip and it almost duplicates it on the XCR.

What seriously jacks up the price of outfitting an XCR are the irons. Not something you usually think (much) about, but a good set of irons will usually set you back $350+. Between my irons and ten PMags, I think I added about 66% to the cost of the gun. And that's not counting rail covers, swivels, sling...it never ends. We won't even mention optics.

Fun stuff, but I need to start getting in some overtime. After all, XCR-Hs aren't THAT far away...
Yeah, I have MIADs on some ARs now. They are quite comfortable. I will actually use the entirely flat front strap, as none of the grooved ones are really fit to good position on my hand.

I might get some PMAGS if they ever get them straightened out... Didn't they just recall all of them? I've never had a problem with the standard USGI mags though.
Magpul recalled old versions of their plastic magazines to replace them with new ones. I now have 20 of the new ones. As far as the ever-ending accessory list for rifles my XCR is up to the following:

Magpul rail covers
Hogue Pistol grip
Tango Down vertical grip
Daniel Defense QD rail mount sling attach
Vickers 2 point sling
Pmag magazines (20)
EULA loading tool
Molle rifle case (36 inch)
Pelican rifle case
New adjustable gas block (next on the list)

I hate to think how much is tied up in the XCR at this point since I also just purchased a DSA FAL and it's accessories are:

Extra metric magazines (only have 2 - 20 rd ones at this point)
5 rd metric magazine (to be legal if I use it for Elk/deer hunting)
EULA loading tool
FAB Vertical grip
Vickers 2 point sling
ACOG (next on the list)

And all this was from a complete start in January when Tzoid and VariableBinary got me interested in the XCR over the Sig556 I was considering.
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The 7/07 PMags seem to have all the early issues ironed out. Mine have been great. When I first opened up the box they came in, my first thought was, "They're just like AUG mags!" And they are. Almost. Enough so that I'm going to pull the trigger on a STANAG stock for my AUG. They are just that good. So far, anyway.

I've seen way too many broken AR mags over the years. That was one of my largest concerns about buying an XCR. If it hadn't been for the HK mags, I probably wouldn't have bought one. Then Magpul comes out with the better mousetrap. Heck, now even ARs themselves are starting to look good to me! Sorta. I need a new varmint rifle... 8)
I have a bunch of Varmit rifles. Starting in order of use.

WRAC stainless varmit special in 22-250 with heavy barrel
XCR in .223
Weatherby 300 mag - I was Elk hunting and getting skunked when I saw a coyote. A 300 Wthby does a number on coyotes.
Ruger 77/22
Marlin Golden 39A
DSA FAL (not yet, but who knows)
My present one is a .308 Blaser. Works great, but a bit expensive to shoot and it kicks more than I'd care for in a long session.

I've been reading about some .204 Ruger AR uppers. I gotta say, that really intrigues the heck out of me. Something along those lines may very well be my next long gun. Next summer, perhaps.

Of course, I'll be all set to get one, then Robinsion will release a 6.5 Grendel conversion and I'll be back at square one, heh.
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